Wednesday, September 27, 2023
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Italy Seasonal Work Visa 2023 Official Website – Apply Online

Italy is one of the most attractive working spots for all overseas. The European countries with beautiful locations and numerous working opportunities always attract international citizens, especially under developing countries, who wanted to go abroad to a well-developed country to earn bread and butter. In this article, we will tell you great working and residency opportunities in Italy. So you want to know How to Apply For Italian Seasonal Work Visa? What documents are required? What is the procedure? All details are in this article.

No doubt Italy is a fascinating country of overseas but it’s a little bit difficult to get Italy working Visa. There are some rules, regulations which applicants has to follow to get it. There are numerous categories of VISA are under the name of working VISA, some of the examples are like Artistic Work, scientific research Visa, salaried employment, seasonal work Visa, tourism Visa, agriculture, Working Holiday Visa and many others.

Applicants out there who wanted to apply for the Italy Visa just follow the complete details of this article.

Types of Italy Visa:

Following types of Visas Italy offers to foreigners,

  • Salaried employment
  • Scientific research
  • Sports activities
  • Artistic work
  • Long-term seasonal work visa which allows you to stay and work for two years
  • Working holiday
  •  Seasonal work visa related to the field of agriculture or tourism.

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Complete Guide on Application Process:

Applicants who want to apply for the Italian work Visa must keep in mind that Non-EU citizens must have a job in Italy. Non-European Union has to do the following to get a job and Work VISA in Italy:

  • Applicants must find the employer who will apply for your work Permit
  • If you get a work permit you can apply for the Italy work Visa Easily
  • After Italy Visa, you cant stay in Italy permanently, You have to apply for a residency permit to stay and work legally within eight days.

Yearly Quota:

There is a calculated entry and exit each year in Italy to make the balance. Not everyone can get access to Visa or work permit. Italy has put yearly Quota of each country’s residents. This Quota also helps them to find how many works permit they have to issue each year and ultimately same numbers of Working Visas will be issued. It will keep the ratio balanced.

Italian work visa fee is between 116 EUR to 200 EUR according to the currency of the country from which applicants are going to apply.
Overseas who already are living in Italy, the Italian government gives them the facility to  apply post-study work Visas. This also helps Italian international students to convert their study visas into their work residence permits.

Italian Work Visa Application Requirements:

There are the following requirements through which applicants can apply for the Italian Work Visa:

  • Applicants need to provide certificates which proved his civilized status
  • Employment contract signed by the applicants
  • Financial statement as proof of financial sources while their stay in Italy
  • Passport with two blank spaces, and it should be valid after your 3 months of the duration of the visa
  • Accommodation and travel proof
  • VISA Paid Fee proof is must required
  • These requirements vary not only according to the guest countries from where applicants is going to apply but also from the home country according to their rules and regulations.
  • This whole procedure will be done in the Italian immigration office and a visa will be issued by the Italian Embassy which is located in your country. Later on, embassy will inform you about your approval of the Visa.
  • The Working Visa procedure is 6 to 12 weeks and you will receive your work Visa and have 6 months to collect it otherwise it will be rejected.
  • Visa is valid as per your work permit, but it will not be longer than 2 years any how you can renew it up to 5 years.

Why Italian Work Visa??

A man always finds an opportunity which is best for him and fro his dependants same as why Italy should be chosen as Working spot and get Working Visa:

  • Employees will get medical insurance and also get wages paid holidays according to the NHS.
  • Taxes are depending upon their earnings not too much to burden the lower waged persons
  • Applicants can get 40 hours per week and overtime of 2 hour is also included
  • Applicants can get 26 left excluding 12 public holidays.
  • The national or International residents will get social security benefits such as old age, family, disability benefits.
  • Job role-based justified salary will be provided in Italy
  • Employees are entitled to pay, sick leave, maternity and paternity leave.

How to Apply For Italian Work Visa?

Want to work in Italy then you need work visa to be eligible to work in Italy As mentioned earlier regarding types of visas offered by Italy, You need to make sure before applying that you are eligible for that visa as Italy work visas are opened keeping in view the demand in job market, Its not opened any specific time of the year. And only a limited number of work visas can be issued which in Italy is called Decreto Flussi or Flows Decree.

Italy Seasonal worker Visa

Italian seasonal worker Visa works of yearly quota system and applicant have to get authorization to work and seasonal work visa before that can enter in Italy.

Visit italy seasonal worker Visa official website and apply online.


How to get Employers:

Applicants need to check various Italian websites and check to wither they need a job or not. LinkedIn and some other websites also help surely. Meeting and collaborating with new people also get to the employers.

Is it difficult to work in Italy:

Only getting a work Visa is difficult but once you enter it is not difficult to adjust in Italy.

Online Checking of VISA collecting available

Applicants will get to know the result only after opening the sealed envelope received from the consulate. You can track the application processing status on the official website by clicking on Track Your Application.

What is The Price of Italian Work Visa?

Italy Work Visa cost around 116 euros which can be paid in local currency from where application is made.

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