Friday, March 24, 2023
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LPI Summer Internships Program 2023 in USA Paid

Amazing opportunity for the undergraduates to bear their financial expenses by doing internships in the United States of America. Applications for the Internships are open for international students in the LPI institute named Lunar and Planetary Institute. From these internships, candidates will be able to get to know about space and the scientific logic of planets. It is the paid internships with all the fund’s coverage. This internship program is for the high intellect students who are interested in the global active departments like social, political, economic, and religious sects which are highly in need of developing conditions for the welfare of the world.

LPI internship is totally on merit base no favoritism or nepotism, candidates who meet the internship criteria will be able to do this internship program. This internship will be done under the high professionals who train the internees with quite a dedication and these internships will be down with practical’s and useful lectures which can be beneficial for all the candidates in their internships and in the future in their careers. Recruitment staff will likely recruit candidates with high academic records. It helps to explore the horizon of science and engineering. The main purpose of LPI is to engage and give them knowledge about space and science. These internships also help NASA in the exploration of the solar system. LPI is operating under the Universities Space Research Association that help in the innovation and increase the capabilities of the institute to bring innovation and unique ideas in the LPI operations, which helps the world in near future. USRA also help in decoding the scientific capacities into the certain application which cover research, management, and operations.

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CountryUnited States of America
OrganizationLunar and Planetary Institutes
Duration10 weeks
GenderMales, Females
LPI Internships

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Internship Location:

NASA internships will be held in the NASA Johnson Space Center which is located in Houston, Texas, or can be done virtually.


The last date to apply for these LPI internships is 12th December 2022


The duration of the program will be 10 weeks of this internship Program. It will start from June 5, 2023 to August 11, 2023.

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Financial Benefits:

The stipend of 7300$ will be provided during the entire span of the internship
Candidates will be offered allowances for traveling and accommodations
For traveling expenses, applicants will get 500$
US residents will get 1000$ financial support
International candidates will get 1500$ as financial assistance if both US residents and non us residents will get this financial; help only if they submitted an accepted abstract as an author to the conference on Lunar and Planetary Science.

Eligibility Criteria:

If the Applicants have done 50 semester credit hours
All applicants will be selected on merit
Applicants with an excellent academic background like CV, Experience  will be selected for these scholarships
No English proficiency certificates like IELTS/ TOEFL if the applicants are able to get an English proficiency certificate from his professor of English

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Required Documents:

  • Academic Transcripts
  • Three  Reference Letters
  • English Proficiency Proof ( IELTS/ TOEFL/ letter from a college professor)
  • CV/ Resume
  • A Passport

How to Apply:

  • Applicants need to apply online
  • Applicants need to fill the application form properly
  • All personal information in the applications should be fill correctly
  • The hard copy of the transcripts will be mailed by the registrar of the candidate’s college to the LP Institute, Addres is given below:

LPI Summer Intern Program
Application #
3600 Bay Area Boulevard,
Houston, TX 77058-1113.

  • Fill registration form correctly and email it to the following email address:

Email address is

You can Visit the official website to get all the information and the procedure to apply.

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