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Miami University Scholarships For International Students

Miami University Scholarships

Want to study in a warmest city of the U.S while experiencing a rich, diverse culture? This article highlights some of the top scholarships available at the Miami University. Scholarships at Miami University are extremely competitive as these merit-based scholarships are top the top students from around the world. The quality of the applicant pool affects the academic requirements determining scholarship awards. An academic scholarship was made available to 79% of first-year international applicants who were accepted for fall 2021. International students can study Undergraduate, Graduate, Programs under different scholarship offered by Miami University.

The International Education Scholarship and University Merit Scholarship are automatically awarded to all new first-year undergraduate international students who submit complete applications and meet the requirements for full admission for the fall semester. All scholarships are based on academic merit, but some offer financial need as well. For Graduates Miami University offers International Grant-in-Aid (IGIA) for international students which covers 100% of tuition fes.

The Miami University is a public research university in Oxford, Ohio, United States founded in 1809. For the past eight years, Miami has consistently ranked among the top five universities in the nation for best undergraduate teaching, coming in at number five this year. Miami University was ranked 26th in the Midwest by Forbes magazine’s list of the United States’ Top Colleges for 2017. Do You Know, International students can apply for fully funded Stamps Scholarship for Undergraduates at University of Miami(different Uni).

Scholarship Details

Host CountryUSA
Host InstituteMiami University
Degree offerUndergraduate, Graduate
Eligible NationalityDomestic and International
Financial CoverageFunded
Deadline1st Feb, 2023

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Scholarships Requirements

The eligibility criteria for those who can apply for Miami university scholarships are listed below.

  • Open for all International students
  • All candidates for admission to Miami University’s Oxford campus who submit an application by February 1 yet are accepted can be acknowledged for the numerous general scholarships, offering to incoming first-year students.
  • Students should attend Miami for both semesters, otherwise their scholarship amounts will be reduced to reflect their one-semester scholarship eligibility.
  • When a student graduates, they are no longer eligible for scholarships unless they are enrolled in a combined Bachelor and Master’s program (BAMA).
  • You will be accountable for paying back any money owed to the school if you decide not to use your scholarship.
  • Scholarships must be renewed with a minimum cumulative grade point average (CGPA).
  • Any recipient of a scholarship who does not meet the necessary CGPA requirements will lose their scholarship for the following year, with the option of appealing.
  • Some scholarships demand that recipients stay enrolled in particular majors. Students who lose eligibility for a scholarship because they switch majors are unable to appeal the loss of the scholarship.

International students interested to study Undergraduates in USA can also apply for University of Dayton Undergraduate Scholarships

Scholarships Benefits:

The following benefits are given to the chosen students for the Miami university scholarship:

  • According to the university’s published schedule, refunds will be given to students who leave campus in the middle of a semester.
  • The One Stop can help students apply for need based financial aid, such as grants and gift aid that is given to them without having to pay it back.
  • You should get a financial aid offer by mid to late March if you completed the FAFSA and listed Miami as a recipient in the school section.
  • A financial aid offer will also be sent to students who do not submit the FAFSA but are qualified for merit scholarships in the middle to late of March.
  • By June 15, returning students will have access to the financial aid offer.
  • The appropriate rate of the university composition fee, which at least covers 50% of the tuition costs.
  • These are loans that usually do not require repayment.

Miami University Scholarships For International Students

Following are some of the top Scholarships Offered By the Miami University:

Scholarship for International Education:

The University of Miami’s International Education Scholarship program awards outstanding international applicants with renewable merit-based scholarships with the award range in value from $1,500 to $12,000. Academic standing, test results, and other information received by Miami University at the time of application are used to calculate award amounts. Students who submit their applications by December 1 will receive priority consideration.

University of Northern Arizona offers Lumberjack Scholarship for freshmen.

University Merit Scholarship:

Merit-based scholarships are available to all international students with equivalent U.S. grade point averages of 3.50 or higher. These extra awards can range from $1,000 to $34,000 per year.

 Academic records, test scores, and other factors received by Miami University at the time of application are used to determine merit scholarship amounts. Priority is given to students who apply by December 1.

Presidential Fellows Program (PFP):

The Presidential Fellows Program, an elite scholarship opportunity that provides an exceptional college experience to the brightest scholars and leaders. The Presidential Fellows Program is Miami University’s premier scholarship opportunity for incoming first-year students in all academic disciplines on the Oxford campus. The deadline for applications is December 1st. Visit the Presidential Fellows Program for more information and to apply.

The #YouAreWelcomeHere Scholarship:

The #YouAreWelcomeHere Scholarship honors deserving international students who want to improve intercultural understanding awarding two (2) annual, renewable scholarships and covering a minimum of 50% of tuition costs. This program requires separate application. The application deadline is December 1. 

Did You Know Burger King Foundation offers thousands of Burger King Scholarship Program each year.

Prodesse Scholars Program:

Talented learners participate in a one-year intensive learning experience while earning a $1,000-$2,000 scholarship that is renewable for up to four years. Visit the Prodesse Scholars Program to learn more and apply.

International Grant-in-Aid (IGIA)

International Grant-in-Aid (IGIA) is need-based scholarships for international students interested in studying graduate at Miami University, which covers 100% of tuition and instructional fee.

Graduate Students’ Achievement Award

This award is to recognize student’s achievements in research and creativity throughout his course of education at the university.

Jack Kent Cooke Foundation is offering full Scholarships to students. Check if you are eligible.

Requirements for Admission and Documentation:

  • A non-refundable $70 application fee or a qualified fee waiver is required. (All students who apply by November 1 for 2023 enrollment will have their application fee waived.)
  • Academic records cover all secondary school studies from 9th grade to the most recent available at the time of application.
  • Before you can enroll at Miami, you must show proof of secondary school graduation.
  • Provide TOEFL or IELTS test results or other proof of English language proficiency. More information on English proficiency.
  • To enroll as an international student at Miami University, you must have an I-20 visa document. Please gather the following items before receiving yours:
  • A photocopy of your passport or national ID card.
  • An international student financial support form, along with financial support documentation, such as a bank statement. (Tax returns and letters of employment/income are unsuitable.)


Deadlines for International student Scholarship by the University of Miami is February 1 2023 and December 1. For Details Here

How to Apply?

International students can apply using the Common Application (which is accepted at over 600 institutions worldwide) or the Miami International Application (no essay required).

  • Apply with the Common Application
  • Apply with the Miami Application
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