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List of Scholarships in Kuwait For International Students

Kuwait is one of the strongest Muslim countries and it announced many scholarship applications for international students. The government of Kuwait opened its educational institutes for international students. Many scholarship organizations offering fully funded scholarships to international students. Candidates who are capable and bright in their education records are welcome to get a Kuwait scholarship. As economical conditions of the world is diversifying day by day that’s why the government of Kuwait initiated this scholarship program to all the candidates who are expert in dealing and experienced in economics and eager to learn so that they can brighten the future of the world.

Kuwait has ranked 52 out of 125 countries in Education for all Department Index EDI. The developed countries has one common feature is that they will invest in education a lot. Same is the case with Kuwait they invest and expand their education and focus on learning skills of students. In 2020-2022 Kuwait invested 6.6% in education department of their annual budget.

If we talk about the consciousness of the people in Kuwait regarding education. There is about a 96% literacy rate in Kuwait, in which the male literacy rate is 96% and the female literacy rate is 94%. It means the people of Kuwait are well aware of their education system and have some learning power. That’s why Kuwait Government announced scholarships for international students. Both males and females can apply from all over the world. All details of universities and Top Scholarships in Kuwait are mentioned in detail below.

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Kuwait Scholarship:

If we see a scholarship awarding record in the gulf then Kuwait is leading in each academic year in which the government of Kuwait awarded scholarships to the international students. The basic purpose to award scholarships is each year is that to expand the education sector and to involve different minds in research and development. And there are thousands of international students studying at Kuwait University alone.

Universities offering Scholarships:

Apart from the Kuwait university there are five others universities which are offering scholarship such as:

  • Wells Mountain Initiative (WMI) Scholarships Program
  • Kuwait Ministry of Foreign Education Scholarships.
  • Berrows International Scholarship Programs Test
  • Toptal STEMS Scholarships for Women 2021-2022
  • Women in Finance Scholarships
  • Elizabeth Green Shields Foundation Grant

1-Wells Mountain Initiative (WMI) Scholarships Program

WMI is one of the best institutes who give financial assistance to the intelligent and enthusiastic people who step back just because of financial crisis.

Eligible Institutes:

All institutes of developing countries are eligible of WMI Schoalrships

Education Requirement:

  • Bachelor
  • Masters
  • PhD

Coverage of Scholarship:

Full funded scholarship will be awarded to the successful candidates in WMI scholarship Program.

Benefits of Scholarships:

Program will be awarded about 300 to 3000$ scholarship amount whoch include:

  • Tuition and fee
  • Books
  • Monthly Stipends
  • Stationery items
  • Other related costs.

Age Limit:

Age limit of candidate to apply in WMI scholarship program is 35 year.


For deadline to apply in WMI scholarship program visit official website each program has different deadline.

2-Kuwait Ministry of Foreign Education Scholarships:

Kuwaiti and non-Kuwaitis welcome to apply in this scholarship program as they will cover full expenses of successful candidates from the tuition fee of graduate candidates from GUST..In order to meet the scholarship criteria, students have to meet specific conditions set by Private University Council (PUC).

Coverage of Scholarship:

Full funded scholarship will be awarded to the successful candidates in Kuwait Ministry of Foreign Education Scholarships.

Education Requirement:

  • Bachelor
  • Masters
  • PhD

Benefits of Scholarships:

  • Tuition and fee
  • Books
  • Monthly Stipends
  • Stationery items
  • Other related costs.

3-Berrows International Scholarship Programs Test

The short name is BISPT and Berrows International Scholarship Programs Test provides a good opportunity for bright candidates to pursue their educational carrier in Kuwait by assisting them financially. The vision of BISPT to give education to the sharp minds who can’t afford education.

Host Institute:

All universities in accredited Kuwait are eligible as host universities for this scholarship program.

Education Requirement:

  • High School
  • Bachelor
  • Masters
  • PhD


  • Students who ranked first will get 700$ laptops and complete course fee
  • Students who ranked 2nd to 3rd will be awarded 425$ monthly stipend tablets and complete course fee
  • Students from 4th to 10th will get 300$ monthly stipend and complete course fee free.


deadline is not specified by the institute.

4-Toptal STEM Scholarship for Women:

Breaking stereotypes between men and women this scholarship program not only awarded to females but also give equal chances to females to get expertise in TECH institutes. This program grants 12 scholarships to females each year. and select winner in each month of the year.

Host universities:

All accredited universities are eligible for Toptal STEM scholarships.

Education Required:

Degree Level
  • Graduation Level
  • Masters Level

Funding of Scholarship:

Partial funding will be awarded by this program

Age Limit:

Women over 14 year can apply up to any age group.

Benefits of Scholarship:

  • Scholarship the worth of 5000$
  • Weekly one on one mentoring by trainers


Official website will give deadline about this scholrship program.

5-Women in Finance Scholarships:

FINCAD giving the best opportunity to women to expand and pursue their career in the financial field in this regard they award annual scholarships for women to enhance their knowledge in Finance fields.

Host Universities:

All accredited universities will give this scholarships.

Degree Level:

  • Master’s
  • Ph.D

Coverage of Funding:

Partial funding is awarded by universities.

Benefits of Scholarship Program:

This scholarship program will awarded 20000$ to successfull candidates in which:

  • 50% will be given to institutes
  • 50% to the successfull scholarship holder


Deadline of this scholarship is 30th June of each Year

6-Elizabeth Green Shields Foundation Grant:

Are you artist? or wanted to be an artist just lack of funds? then you are on right platform as Elizabeth Green Shields Foundation Grant to the new or immature artist who have talent just needs to polish their skills and cant put their selves on front because of low finance. Elizabeth Green Shields Foundation Grant good scholarships to talented ones

Host Institutes:

All accredited universities of Kuwait are eligible for Elizabeth Green Shields Foundation Grant Scholarships.

Degree Level:

  • Bachelor’s
  • Others

Funding of Scholarship:

Partial funding will be awarded by this program

Age Limit:

Age of candidate not less than 18 years and not more than 41 years
People who already won this award can apply for 2nd time even they are of 42 years of age.

Coverage of Scholarship:

  • Candidates who are applying first time will get CAD 15000$
  • Candidates who are applying for second time will get 18000$


Best part of this scholarship is that candidate can apply all over the year not specific deadline.

Documents Required:

There are following documents required for kuwaiti’s uniiversities scholarships.

  • A competent certificate such as degrees and manuscripts and a copy of it
  • Letter of Itent
  • Two copies of the birth certificate
  • Resume of Scholarship Application
  • Two (2) passport photos
  • Medical examination form, original, and a copy
  • Two (2) copies of the civil ID of the student and the guardian
  • StudyPlan
  • A copy of the death certificate of the guardian in case of death
  • Motivation Letter
  • Social Security stating that the student is not employe
  • Research Proposal

How To Apply

To apply for these scholarships in Kuwait first check all the requirements from the institute and scholarship organization if you meet all the requirements then apply for the scholarship. These scholarships are merit based, Follow the link below and follow all the isntructions.

Apply Online

Official Website

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