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Turkey Government Burslari Scholarship 2024-2025 – Application Form

Are you looking for full expense covered scholarships? Then you do not want to miss this opportunity as applications process is now open to apply for Turkey Burslari Scholarship 2024 for all international students. This is a Turkey government funded scholarship offered by the Presidency of Turks Abroad and Related Communities (YTB). International students from all around the world can study Bachelors, Masters and PhD programs in Turkish Universities, it is also available for short courses like research, language and cultural programs.

Application will be open from 10th January till 20 February 2024. There is no application fee to apply for Turkiye Burslari Scholarships. This is competitive and merit based scholarship opportunity which covers full tuition fee, monthly stipend is also given, free accommodation, health insurance, a return ticket and one year Turkish language course for all students. IELTS, TOEFL and GRE/GMAT/SAT Test is not mandatory unless required by the university for specific program.

Türkiye Scholarships program is one of the biggest opportunity for students. In first year back in 2012, more than 42,000 applications was received and last year in 2021 165,500 students applied for Turkey Burslari Scholarship. YTB the organizer of this scholarship program aims beat that record for current year of 2023. Each year 5,000 scholarships are provided for full-time degrees of Bachelors, Masters, PhD and Short courses in research, language and culture. Many governments across the world are offering scholarships for international students List of Government Scholarships Open Now for Application

The purpose of providing the scholarship is self-evident, Turkey wishes to establish mutual understanding and partnerships with other countries. It is expected that the foreign students would get new life experiences, cultural awareness, and knowledge as a result of their educational tour to Turkey.


OrganizerTurks Abroad and Related Communities (YTB)
CoverageFully funded
Eligible CountriesAll Countries
Program offeredShort Courses, Bachelors, Masters, PhD
Deadline20 February 2024
Türkiye Burslari Scholarship For International Students

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Turkey Burslari Scholarship Coverage

Turkiye Burslari Scholarship is a fully funded scholarships all expenses are covered and there is no application fee so students can apply without having to worry about the registration fee. Following are some of the benefits of this scholarships program,

No Tuition Fee

As this is a full ride scholarship, their is no tuition fee to study that is the main feature of this scholarship students can study in Turkish universities for free of cost.

Monthly Stipend

Under this government funded scholarship program a monthly stipend will be given to students to cover there living and other expenses.

Free Accommodation

Students who are studying in Turkish universities under this scholarship program will get free accommodation in respective universities dormitories. If a students wants does not want dorm rooms they can move to any of their preferred place but they have to pay for that accommodation.

Free Health Insurance

Students will get free public health insurance by the Government of Turkey, so students can stay healthy and focus of there studies.

Travel Expenses

Selected students under Turkey Government scholarship program for international students will receive two free air tickets. One is for their arrival to the country and the other is for their departure from the country after completing their studies. If students purchase their tickets then the whole amount will be given back to them

Scholarship Coverage for Undergraduates

Bachelor students will receive following benefits under this scholarship program,

  • Monthly stipend of 1000 TL
  • Full Tuition Fee coverage in respective Turkish University
  • Free public health insurance.
  • One year free Turkish Language course
  • Free Accommodation in the dormitory of respective Turkish University
  • University and program placement
  • Free return air ticket or reimbursement

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Scholarship Coverage for Graduates (Masters and PhD)

Following benefits will be provided for the masters students,

  • Monthly Stipend of 1400 TL For Master’s students and For Ph.D. 1800 TL stipend per month will be given
  • Full Tuition Fee coverage in respective Turkish University
  • Turkish Language course for one year
  • Free public health insurance.
  • Free Accommodation in the dormitory of respective Turkish University
  • University and program placement
  • Free return air ticket or reimbursement for selected students
  • Turkey Scholarship Coverage for Short Courses
  • Turkey Research Scholarship Program (3 to 10 months)
  • Turkey Research Scholarship Program 3000 TL monthly stipend.

Eligible Program

Students from all around the world can study Bachelors, Masters and PhD program is government universities in Turkey in following programs,

  • Accounting
  • Aeronautics and Space Engineering
  • Agriculture
  • Agriculture Economy
  • Archeology” Archeology
  • Architecture
  • Architecture, Urban and Regional Planning
  • Art History
  • Astronomy, Physics
  • Automotive Engineering and Technology
  • Biochemistry” Biochemistry
  • Biology
  • Biomedical and Biotechnology Engineering
  • Botanic
  • Business and Management” Business and Management
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Chemistry
  • Civil Engineering
  • Common Law
  • Communication Sciences
  • Complementary Treatments
  • Computer Engineering
  • Constitution/Public Law
  • Dentistry
  • Design (Graphic Design, Industrial Design, Fashion, Textile)
  • Development Studies
  • Documentation and Record Keeping
  • Economy, Econometrics
  • Educational Sciences, Comparative Education
  • Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Telecommunications
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Environmental Sciences, Ecology
  • Finance and Banking
  • First Aid
  • Food Science and Technology
  • Forensics
  • Forestry
  • General and Comparative Literature
  • Genetic Engineering
  • Geodesy, Cartography, Remote Sensing
  • Geology” Geology
  • Geomatic Engineering
  • History
  • Horticulture
  • Industrial Engineering
  • Informatics
  • Interior Design
  • International Relations, Field Studies
  • Islamic Theology
  • Journalism
  • Landscape Design
  • Languages
  • Manufacturing Engineering and Technology
  • Maritime Engineering and Technology
  • Marketing and Sale Management
  • Materials Science
  • Mathematics / Statistics
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Media Studies
  • Medicine
  • Meteorology
  • Microbiology, Biotechnology
  • Museum Studies, Preservation
  • Music and Musicology
  • Nuclear and High Energy Physics
  • Nursing, Midwifery, Physical Therapy
  • Nutrition and Dietetics
  • Optics
  • Other Religious Studies
  • Pharmacology
  • Pharmacy
  • Philosophy and Ethics
  • Physics
  • Political Science, Public Administration
  • Preschool Education
  • Psychiatry and Clinical Psychology
  • Psychology and Behavioral Sciences
  • Public Relations, Publicity, Advertisement
  • Radio/Television/Cinema
  • Security Studies
  • Social Services
  • Sociology and Cultural Studies
  • Soil and Water Sciences
  • Special Education
  • Teacher Education
  • Tourism, Catering and Hotel Management
  • Transportation
  • Transportation and Traffic Studies
  • Urban and Regional Planning
  • Veterinary Physician

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Which Universities Eligible for Turkey Burslari Scholarship?

Following government universities in Turkey are eligible for Turkey Government Scholarship

  • Akdeniz University
  • Alanya Alaaddin Keykubat University
  • Altinbas University
  • Anadolu University
  • Ankara Haci Bayram Veli University
  • Ankara Music And Fine Arts University
  • Ankara Science University
  • Ankara University
  • Ankara Yildirim Beyazit University
  • Ataturk University
  • Bahcesehir University
  • Baskent University
  • Beykent University
  • Boğazi̇çi̇ University
  • Bolu Abant Izzet Baysal University
  • Bursa Technical University
  • Bursa Uludag University
  • Çanakkale Onseki̇z Mart University
  • Çukurova University
  • Doğuş University
  • Dokuz Eylül University
  • Ege University
  • Erci̇yes University
  • Eskisehir Technical University
  • Eski̇şehi̇r Osmangazi̇ University
  • Fati̇h Sultan Mehmet Vakif University
  • Firat University
  • Galatasaray University
  • Gazi̇ University
  • Gazi̇antep Islamic Science And Technology University
  • Gazi̇antep University
  • Hacettepe University
  • Hi̇ti̇t University
  • Ibn Haldun University
  • Isparta University Of Applied Sciences
  • Istanbul Medeniyet University
  • Istanbul University – Cerrahpasa
  • İhsan Doğramaci Bi̇lkent University
  • İstanbul Commerce Universityi̇stanbul Commerce University
  • İstanbul 29 Mayis University
  • İstanbul Aydin University
  • İstanbul Geli̇şi̇m University
  • İstanbul Medi̇pol University
  • İstanbul Sabahatti̇n Zai̇m University
  • İstanbul Technical Universityi̇stanbul Technical University
  • İstanbul University
  • İzmi̇r Institute Of Technology
  • İzmi̇r Kati̇p Çelebi̇ University
  • Karabük University
  • Karadeni̇z Technical University
  • Kirikkale University
  • Kocaeli̇ University
  • Koç University
  • Konya Technical University
  • Kto Karatay University
  • Lokman Hekim University
  • Mani̇sa Celal Bayar University
  • Marmara University
  • Mersi̇n University
  • Middle East Technical University
  • Mi̇mar Si̇nan Fine Arts University
  • National Defense University
  • Necmetti̇n Erbakan University
  • Nevşehi̇r Haci Bektaş Veli̇ University
  • Ondokuz Mayis University
  • Pamukkale University
  • Police Academy
  • Recep Tayyi̇p Erdoğan University
  • Sakarya University
  • Sakarya University Of Applied Sciences
  • Samsun University
  • Selçuk University
  • Si̇vas Cumhuri̇yet University
  • Social Sciences University Of Ankara
  • Süleyman Demi̇rel University
  • Ted University
  • Tekirdag Namik Kemal University
  • Tobb University Of Economics And Technology
  • Trakya University
  • University Of Health Sciences
  • University Of Higher Degree
  • Yaşar University
  • Yedi̇tepe University
  • Yildiz Technical University

Requirements and Eligibility Criteria

Applicants have to meet the minimum requirements to be able to apply for The Turkey Government Scholarship. General eligibility criteria is given below some programs may have additional requirements,

  • Students from all countries are eligible to apply
  • Students who graduated or those who will graduate at the end of the current academic year (before August 2024)
  • Turkish citizens are not eligible to apply
  • Researchers and academics are also eligible to apply
  • Individuals who are currently enrolled in programs at Turkish universities at the level of education they will apply for are not eligible to apply.
  • Selected students have to show their documents when asked.

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Minimum Academic Criteria

  • Students must have a Minimum 70% academic score for Bachelor’s degree programs.
  • Students must have a Minimum 75% academic score for Master’s and PhD degree programs.
  • Students who are applying in health sciences like Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy must have 90% minimum academic record.

Age Criteria:

  • Students must be under the age of 21 for Undergraduate programs 
  • Students must be under the age of 30 for Master’s programs
  • Students must be under the age of 35 for Doctorate programs
  • Students must be under the age of 45 for Post-Doctoral programs

Documents Required for Scholarship

Applicants who applied online through the Türkiye Scholarships Application System (TBBS), they must upload following documents,

  • A valid identity document, ID card or passport
  • A photograph of the candidate taken within the last 1 year
  • National exam results (if any)
  • Diploma OR temporary graduation certificate
  • Transcript
  • International exam results (GRE, GMAT, SAT, etc.) if requested by the chosen university or program.
  • International language test results such as TOEFL, DELF, if requested by the chosen university or program
  • A proposal for a research topic and a written example of the research you have carried out (only for doctoral applications)
  • A letter of intent

Letter of Intent for Turkey Scholarship

Sample letter of intent is given below. This is just to give an idea you have to write your unique letter of intent explaining your preferences, expectations and goals goals for the future.

Download sample letter-on-intent for turkey burslari scholarship.

Application Deadline

Last date to apply for Türkiye Scholarships is 20th February 2024.

Application PeriodJanuary 10 – February 20
Evaluation ProcessMarch–April-May
Interview PeriodJune – July
Announcement of ResultsEarly August
Initial ProceduresAugust
Transfers of Grantees to TürkiyeSeptember

How to Apply

Students can only apply online for for YTB Turkish Government Scholarships. Make sure you have all the documents ready before starting the online application process. Following are the Five Steps for the online application,

  1. Create Account

Create your account at Türkiye Scholarships Application System (TBBS) by visiting https://tbbs.turkiyeburslari.gov.tr/

Türkiye Scholarships Information System (TBBS) works on Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari 5 and later versions, Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer 8 and later versions.

2) University and Program Selection

After creating your account you can list your preferred university and programs

3) Approve Your application

After selecting university and programs, review all the stages and documents, approve your application

4) Upload Documents

Upload all the required documents. And include any extracurricular activities and achievements in different fields.

5) Write Unique Letter of Intent

Then write a unique letter of intent explaining your preferences, expectations and goals goals for the future.

Official Link

Apply Link

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    Thank you for your help.!!!

  2. I have an ability on programming and other coding skills, and I want to learn that in Turkey because I don’t have much opportunity on my country

  3. I want to learn in Turkish because his education is very excellent and beautiful, develop my culture, and also learn the Turkish language, learn the specialization of law, become a lawyer, defend the injured, and always stand with the truth.

  4. I hope my email will find you in good health.

    My name is Muhammad Fahad and I am an undergraduate student of BS.c Hons Poultry Sciences from MNS-University of Agriculture Multan, Pakistan. I am writing this email to request your kind acceptance as a potential supervisor for the Master’s degree program under the Chinese Government Scholarship for the year 2022.

    I am highly motivated and encouraged to work in your research group “” as I have studied the basic subjects of Poultry Nutrition during my undergraduate studies. Moreover, I am working as an internee . My CV is also attached to this email.

    Waiting for your Kind response.


  5. Hi I am currently from Pakistan.I am a student of medical science.i want to gain education by scholarship. I am very excited to improve my education in turkey country


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