Friday, June 2, 2023
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University of Queensland Free IELTS Online courses

In this article, we are going to tell amazing opportunities for the students who wanted to learn and pass the English proficiency test IELTS, free of cost. One of the famous universities in Australia known as the University of Queensland is offering the online IELTS which is used for the English proficiency test in various universities all around the world.

EdX learning platform is offering this IELTS online course to pass English proficiency with the distinguished band. In IELTS there is a total of 9 bands below 5 shoes on the weaker side of the applicants in English proficiency while above 5 is relatively good and 7+ shows a remarkable position in English proficiency.

IELTS course is divided into different sections with a total duration of 8 weeks with 5 to 8 hours of weekly classes. EdX platform of University in Queensland to help the students, clear the IELTS.

This whole course fo IELTS is free of cost except for the certificate. Applicants who pass the IELTS have to pay 99$ to get a certificate for future use. This certificate will be awarded to those students who successfully complete the IELTS course with good grades.

IELTS course offered by the University of Queensland in Australia will cover listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Fir the assessment of students’ capabilities in English proficiency is determined through the above-mentioned four areas. Students will be graded on their English proficiency level in these areas.


InstitueUniversity of Queensland
Video transcriptEnglish
EligibilityAnyone preparing to take the classes
Financial CoverageFully funded
IELTS Online courses University of Queensland

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Advantages of the Course:

Applicants will get the following advantages from the IELTS courses:

  • Applicants will develop their English Reading, writing, and listening skills
  • Applicants can learn about the IELTS test procedure and format
  • Applicants will learn useful test-taking methods and skills to pass the IELTS tests

There are the following four modules that will be taught and practiced at the University of Queensland, Australia:

Module Listening:

The first module for the preparation of IELTS is Listening and it is designed to assess the learner’s intellectual capabilities. EdX will learn this module very efficiently and take the different IELTS learning tests. Applicants will also practice these types of test and gain the skills to successfully pass the IELTS test.

Reading Module:

The reading Module is designed to assess the learner’s reading capabilities. This module is commenced with an overview of the IELTS reading test and it include different question types. The learner can also have the opportunity to practice the skills through different tests.

Speaking Module:

Speaking modules consist of the different features of the speaking test

Part one includes the grammar portion, in it, learners will be asked about their likes and dislikes and they can extend the answer by giving different relevant examples.

The second part of the speaking module is to focus on the ‘Individual Long Turn’, which includes:

  • How to analyze the task effectively
  • organize your ideas

These points make the learner learn how to make a good start and how to end their talk.

The next point is ‘The Discussion’ to develop the vocabulary related to the three parts, and also learners will focus on the grammar features which they needed for the success in this part.

This module is also focused on tenses and comparisons and grammar.

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Writing Module:

In writing module, written tests will be taken.

In these tests, tasks will be given to identify the different types of visuals, identify and describe the topic and main features of visuals to write a paragraph to summarize the key points.


There is no specific deadline to apply for the online course at Queensland University for IELTS. Applicants can apply all over the year for these courses.


IELTS course in EdX platform is divided into different sections with total duration of 8 weeks with 5 to 8 hours of weekly classes.

How to Apply for IELTS Online Courses:

  • There is an online website link of the edX
  • Go to the free IELTS course on the website
  • Create an account to sign up or just to enroll now
  • Click Register now and provide the information to get started

Click Here to apply

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