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Students Aspiring to Study in America, Canada, Europe or Asia, Maximizing the opportunities and platform

Dear Members Salam and Best wishes to you all, Students aspiring to study in America Canada Europe or Asia Maximizing the opportunities and platform.

Students aspiring to study in America, Canada, Europe or Asia, Maximizing the opportunities and platform
Students aspiring to study in America, Canada, Europe or Asia, Maximizing the opportunities and platform

I have written many posts regarding scholarship opportunities and research experience, and also discussed the options for students with a low GPA and no research. Therefore, there are still important things that I will address in this post because of various messages that I have received and posts that have been addressed by worthy members and have mentioned the same factors. So what’s it about.

******US, Canada, Europe, and Asia scholarships******

those who are aspirant to study in these countries and regions, that’s amazing! Studying abroad teaches you magnificent skills and not everyone can afford to pay out of pocket, therefore, tons of scholarships are out there and even posted on groups very frequently. Scholarships are very competitive and full rides are even more. You can imagine hundreds of applicants for 20 seats. So what can you do to achieve them? A lot of factors including GPA, research, publication, internships and jobs and office that you may have held matter. Therefore, being an all-rounder pays you well. At this point especially in your undergrad and most importantly in your masters that you have research experience and therefore are considered for many scholarships but each university has their own requirement for full-ride that you must check before you apply.

******Maximized use of this group and platform******

Guys when I first went to the US and took a lecture, my teacher told us in 12 grade that no question ever asked is dumb. However, those who don’t ask are the ones who stay behind. But, it’s important to ask questions whose answers can’t be answered by anyone but someone who has had this experience. We all have internet in our homes and literally you can Google anything about any academicals program. But really, what’s noticed even in messages that are inboxes are sometimes questions are asked without prior knowledge. When I was a student in Organic Chemistry, I finished the class with 92% when the class average was only 72% and It was because I always asked questions but I did my work before asking a question.

When I had a question about organic synthetic reaction or I couldn’t propose a high yielding route, I would do all my work beforehand, I knew what I was doing, why I was doing it and why I proposed this mechanism and then I asked my professor of where I went wrong. Than he would tell me and explain my questions with valid answers that would make sense but then students went to him without doing their work just expecting answers and then when he would ask why you think that’s what you need to do then they would be blank because they wanted answers and with no curiosity to really do the hunt.

***********What you must do? ************

I highly recommend you do your work before you propose a question. Don’t look for easy work or easy scholarships or which country is easy to go. The truthful answer is none. To be honest no program in any country is easy cake. Every program must maintain its competitiveness and ranking and because of that they only recruit students with curiosity. In any field, science or arts, don’t look for direct answers, because no one can give you one. Don’t just ask, give me SOP, resume cover or write down diversity statement. Such templates are available online but don’t copy their work. When they check your letters and your SOP, they check it to make sure you didn’t copy-paste as many students do that and if they find out that all you did was a copy-paste, no matter how stunning your record was, you are not getting that scholarship or award.

It’s a tendency of humans to expect work done, to propose an easy route and expect that a person who has achieved tells you the easy route. But really that person has taken tough turns, great decisions, sleepless nights, determined hard work and passion to get that dream research or dream acceptance. So when you ask what country is easy to get in, or which scholarship I can get easily, you won’t get anywhere.

***MY PROFILE IS WEAK, Suggest EASY countries and scholarships****

Now most important of all, my friends with a weak academic profile. If your profile is weak due to factors that were unseen like things happen, there may have been a sickness or anything that caused you a bad semester and really lowered your GPA or you just couldn’t get Research. I get that, and I admire you still want to study abroad. BUT! Expecting that you will be accepted with a weak profile and hoping an easy acceptance that’s wrong. Students aspiring to study in America, Canada, Europe or Asia, Maximizing the opportunities and platform.

Now imagine you have a company and I want a job. Now I come to you telling you, I don’t have experience but I really am hard working. You say to me, do this internship for 6 months and come back we will hire you but I say to you, no accept me the way I am because I don’t want to do an internship because it’s too hard. Will you give me the job?
Therefore, if I say, my GPA is low and I have reasons that caused it like God forbid, a tragedy.

It’s understandable because life is ups and downs. But now I want to study in Europe, but I don’t want to take IELTS, give GRE, has no research or publication but still not going for a substituted internship than the weak profile becomes my fault. So I can wait all my life for someone to hire me with this profile but no one will, because talent is abundant, and if you come with 3.8 GPA, with publications, awards, medals, conferences, projects and I come with excuses for the weak profile, you can see where I will stand.

You will get the dream offer and I won’t. So I recommend, to not take your low GPA as a hurdle, I have said a lot of times, a lot of factors play the role to get you in not just one GPA. GPA is very important don’t get me wrong, really many sleepless nights are spent to make the GPA high but it’s not the end of the world. But if you don’t try and expect an elevator or stair of success constructed for you by someone who made it and then climbed it you are mistaken that you will be able to take the same route. Build your own path, construct your own methodology and then ask for help. When people know that you have done your work and are serious, they tend you guide you in a way that’s productive and that guidance is very product itself. Because you will be able to understand more if your foundation is strong and the foundation is strong if you do your work and research your options.

****Is Studying in America particularly hard?****

I have been studying in America for 5 years as I have mentioned to you all before so is it easy. Well, I won’t say it’s killer hard and no one in their life can ever do that. Of course, your dreams are achievable but yes, it’s a lot of hard work to succeed. As it’s a lot of hard work to be accepted In any country of the world. In particular in the US and even in Canada, parts of Europe and Asia, you must have satisfactory performance. Like your GPA can’t go below a 3.0 it puts you on academic probation. For full financial assistance particularly in my department, GPA can’t go down a 3.5 and that’s not cgpa it’s just a semester GPA that can’t go below. But every department sets its own requirements and you have to ensure a satisfactory performance toward your degree.

Never settle for anything less than your dreams and never give up on your passion. However, dreaming isn’t all you need but it’s important. Work towards your dreams and work towards them with concrete goals. Again, don’t just expect easy answers or easy scholarship because truthfully they do not exist. Work for your dreams yourself and get the guidance. The day you start working first and then get the guidance you will be getting admits from your dream programs. But just don’t expect an easy answer that the mentors and worthy members will just give you that do this and get admitted and get the visa and you are on your way to Europe or whichever place you want to go.

Work hard, follow your passion and keep striving for success. If any more questions come up, please do address them or ask them from worthy members but do the work first. Scholarships are not an impossible job, humans like you get them so, when they can do that, you can do that too!

If any more questions went unanswered, drop them down or ask the members as this group is there to get help. We all have questions and we all asked them so never be afraid to ask. We all get our guidance from someone so never be afraid to get it.

I will be adding some more academic content with time about GRE, scholarships in science departments, IELTS and TOEFL and how to crack them. Ph.D. acceptance methodology and recommendations for those of you who may be in the same department or in the same boat.
Until then, Best wishes to all!

Students aspiring to study in America, Canada, Europe or Asia, Maximizing the opportunities and platform By Mehreen Tahir 
Undergrad Chem TA, Researcher on Cancer and Photochemistry, Chemical supervisor, United States of America.

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