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How to Apply For Study Visa For Australia| Subclass 500

Most students wanted to study abroad to pursue their carers we are going to give an update about such a marvelous opportunity to study in Australia, how you can get Study Visa in Australia? It is the big question till now we will cover all aspects and give you complete details bout this procedure. First of All, applicants can apply to any educational institute in Australia in order to get Australian Visa. Applicants must have to complete their documents and also clearly mention why they wanted to get an Australian Visa.

Applicants need to submit and fulfill and obtain the required documents from the Ministry of Home Affairs.

  • English Language Necessary
  • Character and Health Required
  • GTE ( Genuine Temporary Entrant) is required
  • Character and Health

Applicants submit the documents for visa application and then pay the VISA fee and given the interview by the embassy of Australia. We will give you complete instructions about the Visa application here.

What is GTE (Genuine Temporary Entrant)

GTE is more like the condition for the Visa which was introduced in 2011, November which require applicants affirmation in the form of documents that he is going to Australia only for study purpose and he is not intended to stay there and also they can take his dependent ( wife, kid or husband) with them for a temporary stay. Department of Home affairs will judge you in the following ways:

  • Opportunities for you in Australia
  • Situations in your Country
  • Your Future Perspectives
  • Immigration history of the applicant

Applicants need to take with them a Visa application form for the interview in Australian Embassy they will just check whether you are fit for the eligibility requirements or not.

How to Fill Application Form:

The next step is how to fill the application form for the study Visa to study in Australia.
Applicants need a few documents before submitting the application for Australian Study Visa

Confirmation of Enrollment ( COE)

COE OR Letter Acceptance is required to give the proof that you are going to enroll in the institutes in the Common Wealth Register of Institutions of Courses ( CRICOS). COE is very necessary because it will generate specific digital numbers which you have to input in various parts of the Australian Visa Application. Applicants can swap courses to any other field or interested program. If the applicant is applying for or transferring to the lower Degree program on the Australian Qualification Framework AQF or non-AQF except Ph.D. to master degree applicant need to require an application for the VISA. Applicants can take two or more programs in sub-class 500 at the same time with some authentic and logical movement.

Requirements of Student Visa:

According to an Australian study, Visa requirements applicants need to submit the following documents for the filling of digital visa form.

English Proficiency:

If applicants aren’t natives of English speaking they have to be given English proficiency tests like IELTS, TOEFL, PTE IBT academic and Cambridge advanced English are approximately valid tests. ELICOS is a must whether you are going for a full degree or temporary.

Financial Requirements:

Applicants must have enough money in their balance sheet which is showed they can submit the admission fee, transportation and daily expenses in short applicant must have living expenses in his account which is approximately AUS 20,290$ or US 13,750$ as of Feb 2018. For any dependents, applicants need to show that they can support them monetizable and also can earn AS 60000$ per year.

Character Requirements:

Applicants who want to go to Australia must have good code fo conduct and moral character/ No criminal history is a must go check and applicants can have a security chance or applicants can submit a character Statutory Declaration Form.

Health Requirements:

Applicants must be physically and mentally should be fit for this purpose Applicants have to do a radiographic examination which will show they are in excellent health. Applicants have to give their tests to the Australian Immigration department.

Applicants must have Overseas Student Health coverage OSHC except for a few countries like Belgium, Norway. Health insurance can get through your Australian institution or through these five healthcare practitioners Australian Health Management, BUPA Australia, Medibank Private, Allianz Global Assistance, and nib OSHC. The practice and price of medical tests and insurances vary from the duration of coverage, OSHC is also exempted for the Swedish students who already obtained Kammarkollegeit students from Belgium and Norway for temporary residence criteria.

Specific Documents Required:

Ministry of Home Minister will give you a list of documents which you have to complete while applying for study Vids which are most probably as follows:

  • VISA application form 157A  for study in Australia
  • Pay application fee which is 620 or 420$ most probably
  • Scan copy of your passport required( some overseas students may ask for the physical passport also
  • PROOF of financial funds to study in Australia
  • Proof of health medical insurance
  • English Pr4oficiency scores
  • Criminal history background checks
  • 4 Passport size pictures required

Applicants need to make a profile and submit it to the Digital ImmiAccount Application System, gather your scan documents, and then submit it with the application.

Mostly Australian Visa takes 4 weeks for the complete procedure and the applicant’s visa will expire on 15th March of the coming year if the applicant is going for more than 10 months and terminate after the Australian academic year which is Mid December then his Visa will expire after two months of completion of his study. You can renew your visa for this applicant have to visit the department of home affairs.

Work Hours for Australian Visa:

Applicant can go and visit three months before his initiation of educational terms. Applicants need to notify their visit to the relevant institution and if you are going to change your address also notify to the institute. 40 hours per week work is allowed throughout the semester and during the vacation full-time work is allowed. The best part for an Australian study visa you do not have to wait for the start of your program you can get immediate work permit authorization. For masters and PhD there is no any restriction of work, any action which is connected with your educational program must not be considered as a restriction, means if employment is a volunteer for a nonprofit organization and it benefits the whole community then it does not come under 40-hour restriction.

Applicants must need to remain involved in the CRICOS register program also focus on their study complete their credit hours maintain health care and the applicant and his dependents must follow the visa requirements failing in any of the above will lead to revoking of the Visa.

 student visa for Australia
sample student visa for Australia
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