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Job vs entrepreneurship which is better?

Nowadays everyone is looking for some well-reputed job either private or government base no doubt it’s a good thing to think about yourself but? Do you think there is some other world outside 9 to 5 routine? Yes I can tell u which is absolutely not a secret r mystery its just open secret everyone knows about it but rare people who focus on it, entrepreneurship yes you hear right? Entrepreneurship means to stand by your own. You are your own boss.What are the pros and cons of jobs and entrepreneurship? All will be discussed one by one .

Firstly let we discuss about Jobs which is the dream of every graduated person. After education of 14 or 16 year market is open for you but in a quite restricted manner. When you go for a private job the first thing you have to face Experience what is the experience if you have no experience there are 90% chances that your cv will be rejected after seeing Fresh. Let’s suppose you have experience and you got a private job means you are on fixed salary from 9 to 5 fixed routine with Sundays off. No off during week because you have fear of cutting the salary. You have to listen harsh or sweet words from your seniors without any hesitation because you are afraid of if I speak any word I can lose my job which is the main disadvantage of any job holder persons.

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You can get a fixed salary at the end of the month which is may be less than your hard work but it gives you motivation for more hard work  and to get promotion. You can get your family time on your Sundays without thinking that you have to work on Sundays it is the rest day for all the jobbies.

next is the government employee which is the dream of every graduate but wait lets discuss recruitment process in which almost 90% candidates dropped out the reason is that there are very less number of posts and flood of people apply for a single post which makes the recruitment more difficult and competitive no doubt after getting your public sector job you can avail all kind of luxuries but it is after the recruitment process you have to pass firstly from test process if you came at merit then interviews and then final selection process in which you have extra ordinary abilities and high level of patience.

Entrepreneurship as I already told you it is the job in which you are employ as well as you are your own boss no one is standing to treat you like a employee you have to take decisions rich or poor by your can give opportunities to many individuals who can work under you so you can add your contribution in the growth of the economy. No doubt business which is started from scratch initially zero profitability because you are going to start in a competitive market bvut it is said more pains more gain the more risk you take there are firm chances of more profitability.

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In entrepreneurship you have to invest your days and nights for building of your start up so it’s a major disadvantage of entrepreneurship there is no time for yourself and your family but once it established and reach at maximum you will enjoy fruit of hard work. In the many people have arguments that entrepreneurship required finance but I denied their statement because many banks give small and medium business loans just you are determined of hard work. Government organization SMEDA  (Small and Medium Enterprise development authority) is also encouraging small and medium business for this concern they are giving loans to the individuals. So finance is not a big problem as many of us thought There are a lot of examples of the people who quit their jobs and start their own business or they didn’t find the job and becomes their own owner. Founder of Jackma and owner of Microsoft bill gates is the best example to differentiate between being a job holder or become an entrepreneur.

In the end its in your own hands what to choose and what to loose but according to me entrepreneurship has more advantages monetarily as well as others social and non-social.

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