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List of Tuition Free Online Universities for international students

Here we are going to tell you an amazing opportunity to pursue your career without any tuition fee. As we already know it’s the epidemic era and people are scared relating to going outside for education and other purposes so they prefer to study and earn from their homes. This amazing opportunity is for the international students how they can study higher education in Tuition Free Online Universities for international students 2022-2023. international students fully funded by studying at their home. Applicants need to understand first what is online learning.

Online learning is a method of learning where student can learn their courses over the internet, for it it doesn’t matter where they will get this learning. In short online learning is distance learning where applicants can get this distance learning anywhere not in any typical classroom. Now as epidemic Covid19 is an outburst all over the world then online learning is the best way to pursue your career in higher education. Many universities have initiated this journey of online learning. These institutions will teach you online courses, language, digital courses and also give academic education till Ph.D.

Say thanks to advance technology which has shortened the distances in every field of life now applicants can get remotely his higher education from any university in the whole world. This also gives the applicant confidence especially to the introvert who cannot face the huge crowd they needed time to combat such scenarios online learning to give them that confidence and determination.

Tuition-Free Institutes:

Now the very important question which comes to anyone mind is there any university which gives free education? Free in a sense tuition fee funded education  in following international university

  • Open University UK
  • University of The People USA

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open university logo

Open University of UK

One of the best tuition-free universities which will teach you in online classes is the Open University of the United Kingdom. It is an online research university which is solely public and in it the students will get free tuition knowledge and also all lectures are online you don’t need to come to the university specifically just to take your classes anywhere and anytime just as per your wish.

The Open University of UK gives you a marvelous chance to study distance education and also qualified from this institute with a remarkable degree in your hand, also OU of Uk provide certificates and diplomas in various program or courses which institutes are intended to deliver. Open University has initiated Masters, postgraduate, Ph.D. programs in their institute, and also it has won Teaching Excellence and Digital Innovation award in The Guardian University Awards 2018.

Available Online Programs at Open University:

  • honours degree
  • Integrated masters’ degrees
  • Diplomas of Higher Education
  • Open University certificates

 Duration of Study at Open University:

Open University is totally a flexible university that gives students full control of their time and table of the courses and program. However, there is a specific duration of each program and field which is as follows:

In OU you will study approximately 18 hours per week and 36 hours per week in a whole program. The best part applicant can take a break from their course in case of any emergency which means credit hours and duration varies from course to course and applicant to applicant.

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Undergraduate Online Program:

QualificationCertificate of Higher Education
Duration2 years of Part-time study or 1-year full-time study
Credit HOURS120
undergraduate programs at Open Uni
QualificationDiploma Higher Education
Duration4 Years of Part-time study or 2 years  of full-time study
Credit HOURS240
undergraduate programs at Open Uni
QualificationDegree with Honours
Duration6 years of Part-time study or 3 to 4 years of full-time study
Credit HOURS360
undergraduate programs at Open Uni

Postgraduate Online Programs at Open University

QualificationPostgraduate Certificate
Duration1 Year of Part-time study or 6 months  of full-time study
Credit HOURS60
Postgraduate programs at Open Uni
QualificationMaster Degree
Duration3-4 years of Part-time study or 2-3 years full time
Credit HOURS180
Postgraduate programs at Open Uni
QualificationPostgraduate Diploma
Duration2 years part-time and 1-year full time
Credit HOURS120
Postgraduate programs at Open Uni

Open University UKStudy Assignment:

Applicants need to submit a few assignments to give the learning proof to the lecturer that he is attending his lectures attentively so he needs to submit a few assignments in which you will show your whole understandable knowledge after that tutor will mark your assignment as per your assignment way of expressing. It is also named as tutor mark assignments and the applicants will get marks at the end of their semester along with exams. Some courses also included assignments, projects, and research work.


There will be physical exams and different countries have OU exams centers in which applicants can take their exams physical exams are just to make all things and results on merit. If the applicant country has no OU center then applicants will sit nearby the university center or British council office. To make all these arrangements OU will take a fee from the candidates of 200 pounds to 300 pounds.

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Requirements of Studying at Open Uni:

Basic Requirements:

Applicants need to have certain basic requirements such as Pc or a good condition laptop in which they can take online lectures and the second one is the good broadband internet.
Applicants must have good English communication skills. Because all the OU infrastructure and mode of teaching is in English students will easily understand their lectures if they knew best about the English language.

Academic Requirements:

Undergraduates do not need any formal qualification or degree and also no entrance test is required
Postgraduate students  must have an undergraduate degree equivalent to UK qualification and also specific entry is required for each course

Financial Requirements:

Financial is meant how you will pay your tuition fee and other expenses. In OU of UK, there is many models how you will pay your qualification fee the best one is that either you will pay in advance or while during your studies

Fees Coverage:

  • Other services provided by universities
  • Study materials

Applicants just need a laptop and good internet and the rest will be provided by the open university all the course outline podcasts lectures, online access to the library will be provided by the Uk open University. All the courses and details are mentioned on the official website.

Click Here for details

Admissions and Applications:

Undergraduates do not need a previous degree or entrance test of the open university while postgraduates need an equivalent UK bachelor’s degree for admissions to the UK Open University.

How to Apply:

There is an easy procedure for the application. Applicants need to register with OU Uk university to get and explore new and challenging programs.

Click Here for more details

The Open University Login

Visit the link below to Sign in for TheOpenUniversity,


University of people

University of People Online University:

Another online university that gives free tuition to the international is the University if People. It is one of the known nonprofit private universities and its headquarter is in Pasadena California. Its founder is Shai Reshef in 2009. All dealings and application is online there is no specific physical office except in California which is used for the admission procedure.

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Available Programs:

Graduate Programs at University if People:

  • Masters in Education M.Ed.
  • Masters in Business Administration

Undergraduate Program at University of People:

  • Health Sciences
  • Business Administration
  • Computer Science

Eligibility Criteria at University of People:

  • BS 16-year-old or late
  • Proficient in English
  • Have a good laptop and internet
  • Enable to demonstrate high school of Completion

Applicants need to apply online and fill the application form online.

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Following are the duration of tuition free Online programs at University of People,

  • 5 years required for the undergraduate program
  • 2 years is for the master’s program after completion of 20 courses.

Fee Structure:

As tuition fee in Online university is totally free but applicants have to pay some fee for admission and administration purposes,

  • The final exam fee 100$ for undergraduate and 200$ for undergraduate
  • The processing Fee for application is 60$

Also, the university of People is determined to give free education to the students who are not able to give fees.

See here the fee structure at the University of People.

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