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MOE Listed Top Medical Universities in China

Are you looking for reputable universities in china to study medical degrees? Then read this article thoroughly as it covers all the main points to study in MOE Listed Top Medical Universities in China. For any studies scholarships are much needed and one of the most beneficial assets if a student can get in his educational career as it reduces your educational expenses and explores different horizons of knowledge. Students of higher secondary school who completed their HSSC exams and wanted to get admission but are curios and having doubts about their future in MBBS whether they will get admission in MBBS n abroad or not?? and the second thing they are thinking what are the criteria of enrollment in foreign medical colleges?? and the last point of pondering how much MBBS will cost to the international students??

In this article, we will answer your all questions and concerns as we are giving you complete details about MBBS scholarships in Chinese medical colleges and these universities approved by MOE China . In China, there is a six-year MBBS course. The first four years are classroom medical work and the last two years are practical medical work. China is providing 11 different medical courses to the students toppers of them will get scholarships means full funded Mbbs education.

Admission to MBBS in China:

In China, there are many best universities that are giving quality medical educations and PMC also mentioned the list of universities that are providing MBBS education in China. The top and one of the best universities in China is Tsinghua University then Peking University and Beijing University of Chinese medicine. These top universities are providing world level education and faculty is qualified and one of the world best one, as well as facilities, are remarkable for foreign students apart from these universities there are also other universities in China that is providing MBBS education like, Beijing Normal University, Hunan Medical College, Shanxi Medical College, and Guangxi Medical college.

If you wanted to study in China the most famous place of knowledge is Beijing University Medical College (BUMC). It is one of the top-ranked with high trained faculty in BUMC. There are 700 different medical courses has been provided by Chinese’s universities to the international students and BUMC is on number one when students search Chinese university. 55% of international students are studying BUMC.

Top Medical Universities in China:

There are top universities in China such as:

  • Nanjing Medical university
  • Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine
  • Beijing Union Medical College
  • Shenzhen University, formerly known as Shenzhen Medical College, is a university in Shenzhen, Guangdong province, China

There are some universities in China that are approved by the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs(SAEFA) and the Ministry of Education. These approved universities are the best institute for students. These universities are required to take IELTS from international students which is recognized by the ministry of China or the language proficiency test of china known as HSK.

Advantages to study medical in MOE Listed universities

In MOE Approved University MBBS is taught in English plus 1 year of house job (internship)

Only MOE approved universities can mention English Medium on the admission letter non MOE listed universities are now allowed to do that.

More credit hour of medical study than non listed

Candidates are now required to pass Chinese Proficiency Test like HSK-3 or HSK-4 in 1st year.

MOE Listed Top Chinese Medical Universities:

There are the following 45 MOE approved Chinese universities for medical studies:

  1. Anhui Medical University
  2. Beihua University
  3. Capital Medical University
  4. China Medical University
  5. China three Gorges University
  6. Chongqing Medical University
  7. Dalian Medical University
  8. Fudan University
  9. Fujian Medical University
  10. Guangxi Medical University
  11. Guangzhou University
  12. Harbin Medical University
  13. Hebei Medical University
  14. Huazhing University of Science and Technology
  15. Jiangsu University
  16. Jilin University
  17. Jinan University
  18. Jinzhou Medical University
  19. Kunming Medical University|
  20. NANTONG University
  21. Nanjing Medical University
  22. Ningbo University
  23. Ningxia Medical University
  24. North Sichuan Medical College
  25. Qingdao University
  26. Shandong University
  27. Shantou University
  28. Shihezi University
  29. Sichuan University
  30. Southeast University
  31. Southern Medical University
  32. Southwest Medical University
  33. Sun Yat-Sen University
  34. Suzhou University
  35. Tianjin Medical University
  36. Tongji University
  37. Wenzhou Medical University
  38. Wuhan University
  39. Xiamen University
  40. Xinjiang University
  41. Xi’an Jiao Tong University
  42. Xuzhou Medical University
  43. Yangzhou University
  44. Zhejiang University
  45. Zhengzhou University
MBBS in China in MOE Listed Universities
MBBS in China in english medium
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