Sunday, April 14, 2024
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University of Hamburg Scholarship 2023-2024 For International Students

Do you know you can now study for free in Germany, as University of Hamburg Scholarship is accepting applications for international students to study for free. This is a great opportunity for Master’s and Doctoral degree students. The opportunities like these barely come so don’t think much and apply for funded scholarship. This is a merit based scholarship so students with extraordinary students are considered. Students who are very much dedicated and involved in international context have much greater chance of getting this scholarship. This scholarship will help you get immense knowledge and skills needed future. There is not any age restriction so no matter how old you’re you can just enjoy the perks of this scholarship with your studies.

Moreover, if you get the funding from this merit scholarship you cannot apply for any other funding. The candidate’s social situation and financial needs will be checked in the selection process. Students that have been taking part in volunteer work will be preferred. Different capabilities of students will be seen through his previous performance. If student have been doing presentations or publications, he will be preferred. The knowledge of the candidate will be seen through his application. Students who have excellent results with brilliant performance will definitely get this scholarship. There are thousands of students from various countries studying in Germany and sharing their cultures. Students take a positive message back home with love. Germany is very much famous for scholarship and the acceptance rate is also very high in Germany.

The University of Hamburg is located in Hamburg, Germany. Undoubtedly, it is among the top research institution in Germany. It is a comprehensive university in Germany. The quality of education provided by the institution is highly commendable. The institution is ranked on number 228.


Region of StudiesGermany
InstitutionUniversity of Hamburg
Degree LevelMasters, PhD
TypeFully funded
EligibilityInternational students
Deadline15 April 2024, 15 October 2024
University of Hamburg Scholarship


Following are the requirements to apply for the scholarship

  • Pursuing a degree at University of Hamburg
  • Students of Master’s and Doctoral research can apply after completion of first semester
  • Not holding German citizenship;
  • Not eligible for the federal student loan scheme.

Scholarship benefits:

  • Monthly funding of €850.
  • Depending on the availability of funding,
  • Individual doctoral researchers will get scholarship totaling €1,000 per month (roughly 2–3 merit scholarships are awarded per round).
  • Merit scholarships are awarded only for 2 semesters (total of 12 months).
  • You can reapply for a scholarship.
  • In exceptional cases, the maximum funding period is till 3 years.

Programs offered for international students:

Required documents:

Following are the documents required to apply,

  • CV
  • letter of motivation send in PDF format
  • proof of social and/or intercultural activities (if applicable)
  • Record of achievements: STiNE printout or list of course certificates.
  •  Master’s students and doctoral researchers submit thefinal certificate.
  • Evaluations from 2 professors or junior professors at Universität Hamburg. In some cases, other teaching staff at Universität Hamburg can also prepare evaluations.


15 April (funding period: 1 October – 30 September of the same year)

15 October (funding period: 1 April – 31 March of the following year)

How to Apply:

  • Visit the Official Link of the scholarship.
  • Apply online through the portal
  • Upload all the documents that are required
  • Please submit proof of your residence permit to the program coordinator
  • On contrary case, contact the coordinator
  • Your status of application can be checked online on the portal
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