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Portugal Digital Nomad Visa

Portugal Digital Nomad Visa

Europe is always fascinated and it is admirable from all perspectives whether you talk about tourism study or study it comes under remarkable opportunity and category. Portugal a European country is also one of the fascinated countries which always admire the viewers. It is not a congested or compressed country like other Europe it is somehow isolated from other Europe. If you know Portugal they understand very well how beautiful is this country and consist of unique and vibrant cultures. Views of Portugal always admire the tourists and who know and have the sight of viewing natural beauty are attracted toward this eye-catching beauty. Different cultures with a variety of food are the main colors of Portugal. For digital nomad visa in Portugal you will need a D7 Visa application.

Digital Nomads Visas demand is increasing day by day in Portugal, and it is giving excellent opportunity to be a nomad in Portugal. Portugal is part of Schengen Area in Europe, which is the largest visa free zone in the world, it means if you get Portuguese visa you can travel to 26 other countries. There are many other countries that issue Visas of nomads but Estonia is issuing visas for digital nomads this year. An excellent opportunity if you are interested in settling in Europe. There are also other ways to get residency in Portugal named as Golden Visa Policy applicants need to do a big investment in Portugal like 300,000 euros to get permanent residency as long as residency is active.

What is Digital Nomads?

People who work or are interested in a work remotely means who wanted to work electronically and by moving from one place to another. They prefer to do online or technological work which can be done anywhere in the world. They live nomadic lifestyles and just by using their laptops mobiles they work ar any place like coffee shops, lounges or public libraries, as covid 19 is out burst so many people are desired to be a digital nomad.

Why only Portugal?

Different countries issued visas for digital nomads then why only Portugal? There are many reasons first it is not a too hot or too cold country where no one is able to do any work due to temperature extremes in Portugal temperature is always less than 10C, due to which it is a demanding country for vacation throughout the year mean you can work whole year which can make you financially stable. As we mentioned this country has vibrant culture and foods from unique to antique cultures and spot and there are much more to explore if any traveler visits Portugal. The whole summary is that there is no limitation or restriction of work you can work throughout the year as it is the captivating spot for the tourists the whole year. English is a native language which means no barriers in communication and you can find many workspaces there.

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Amazing Cities to work From:

If we talk about Lisbon which is the capital city of Portugal is one of the central cities to work from as a digital Nomad not bragging but it is the most beautiful city in Europe and located on the edge of the Atlantic ocean and has seven hills which increase its beauty and also famous for it. The beautiful atmosphere with antique building textures makes this city quite fascinating. It’s easy to culture and frankly, people are always good working gestures for the digital nomads. Good working environment and has amazing co-workers which keep the working environment quite a pleasant environment. Digital nomads can enjoy working environments remotely.

Working Environment and Internet Facility:

Quite a strong internet for doing work as a digital nomad and it has the best internet connection in the whole of Europe. No buffering or no hindrance in doing work on the internet as digital nomads’ whole work depends upon the good internet so in Portugal 20MBPS internet is available and free Wi-Fi is available all over Portugal. With good internet, it also has good, peaceful and enthusiastic working environment. In Portugal Lisbon and other main cities gives you a captivating environment with a soothing café environment and comfortable lounges that give you peace of mind.

Co-working Spaces in Portugal:

There are the following workspaces available in two different cities of Portugal:

In Porto:

In Lisbon:

Taxes in Portugal for Digital nomad

There is no income tax for digital nomads for earnings from outside of Portugal. If source of income is from Portugal then 20% income tax will be applicable.


You need following requirements for the digital nomad visa in Portugal,

  • You Will Need To Get A Portuguese NIF Number
  • A Portuguese Bank Account
  • Proof of Financial Self-Sufficiency
  • Proof Of Accommodation
  • All the required Documents
  • Full Health Insurance
  • A Clean Criminal Record
  • Minimum Stay Requirement


Following are the documents needed to apply,

  • Valid Passport
  • D7 Visa Application Form
  • 2 Passport-Sized Photographs
  • Proof of Regular Income or Passive Income
  • Proof Of Accommodation
  • Proof of Health Insurance
  • Criminal Record Certificate
  • Criminal Record Enquiry by the Immigration And Border Services (SEF)
  • A Cover Letter explaining reasons of your visa request
  • Visa fee receipt

Points to remember:

As You already know Portugal is among Schengen countries of Europe and it is easily and conveniently traveled by the tourists so if you are among the Schengen states of Europe you just need your identity card to travel in Portugal but if you belong to Non-European countries you need Schengen Visa to move in any Schengen State and also in Portugal.

Benefits of Portugal Nomad Visa

  • Portugal is a great place to live and work. People are very friendly.
  • Weather is perfect for suitable living
  • Portugal is a part of Schengen area. With its visa you can travel to 26 other European countries.
  • Portugal has rich culture and has many historic places.
  • There are no power or internet outages in Portugal.
  • Portugal has one of the best fiber optic network with average speed of 57+ mbps

How to Apply

  • Download D7 visa form and fill all the details
  • Pay the visa fee of 180 euros per person
  • After due process and in about 3 to 4 months your visa will arrive if it is accepted
  • Initially you will be granted 120 days visa. You have to visit “Servico de Estangeiros e Fronteiras” (SEF) to register as resident.
  • Submit your visa application along with all the required documents to Portuguese Embassy in your country.

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