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Seoul National University Scholarship 2023-2024 For International Students

SNU known as Seoul National University is one of the top universities in South Korea. Applications are open for Seoul National University Scholarship in South Korea 2023-2024 For All International Students. Applicants who want to study for Bachelors, Masters or PhD in South Korea are encouraged to apply in it. Students who don’t have financial resources but want to study at SNU, will be given fully funded Scholarships are fully funded.

International students are welcome to apply to the Seoul National University of South Korea. Thes best part of this scholarship is that No IELTS, TOEFL is required due to the COVID19 pandemic. All males and females from all over the world can apply. There are multiple fields from which students can apply in the desirous field which he wanted to pursue in the future. As the institute doesn’t require any IELTS or TOEFL but as a well-known organization, it has to meet its standard that’s why it required English proficiency certificate from applicants instead of IELTS or TOEFL.

If we talk about SNU institute it is ranked top 9 in ASIA and 60th in international level which means it is one of the top universities in ASIA as well as in the world. Total of 15 colleges operating under Seoul National University.

SNU Scholarship Details:

CountrySouth Korea
Host UniversitySeoul National University
Eligible CountriesInternational Students
GenderMales, Females
Available ProgramsPh.D., Masters, MPhil, MS, Bachelors
Financial CoverageFully Funded
Seoul National University Scholarship

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Financial Benefits:

SNU provide fully-funded scholarships to successful candidates and these financial benefits include

  • Accommodation costs will be covered totally
  • Two year stipends for successful candidates
  • Stipend will also include food and miscellaneous cost
  • Tuition fee of SNU will be covered

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Programs Offered at Seoul National University

Seoul National University has 15 Colleges where students can take admission for undergraduates and graduates,

Graduate and Undergraduate Programs

Seoul National University Offers undergraduate and graduate programs in each of its colleges,

List of Undergraduate Programs

List of Graduate Programs

College of Humanities

  • Dept. of Korean Language and Literature
  • Homepage Curriculum English-taught Courses
  • Dept. of Chinese Language and Literature
  • Homepage Curriculum English-taught Courses
  • Dept. of English Language and Literature
  • Homepage Curriculum English-taught Courses
  • Dept. of French Language and Literature
  • Homepage Curriculum English-taught Courses
  • Dept. of German Language and Literature
  • Homepage Curriculum English-taught Courses
  • Dept. of Russian Language and Literature
  • Homepage Curriculum English-taught Courses
  • Dept. of Hispanic Language and Literature
  • Homepage Curriculum English-taught Courses
  • Dept. of Linguistics
  • Homepage Curriculum English-taught Courses
  • Dept. of Asian Languages and Civilizations
  • Homepage Curriculum English-taught Courses
  • Dept. of Korean History
  • Homepage Curriculum English-taught Courses
  • Dept. of Asian History
  • Homepage Curriculum English-taught Courses
  • Dept. of Western History
  • Homepage Curriculum English-taught Courses
  • Dept. of Archaeology and Art History
  • Homepage Curriculum English-taught Courses
  • Dept. of Philosophy
  • Homepage Curriculum English-taught Courses
  • Dept. of Religious Studies
  • Homepage Curriculum English-taught Courses
  • Dept. of Aesthetics

College of Social Sciences

  • Dept. of Political Science and International Relations
  • Dept. of Economics
  • Dept. of Sociology
  • Dept. of Anthropology
  • Dept. of Psychology
  • Dept. of Geography
  • Dept. of Social Welfare
  • Dept. of Communication

College of Natural Sciences

  • Dept. of Mathematical Sciences
  • Dept. of Statistics
  • Dept. of Physics and Astronomy
  • Dept. of Chemistry
  • Dept. of Biological Sciences
  • Dept. of Earth and Environmental Sciences

College of Agriculture & Life Sciences

  • Dept. of Plant Science
  • Dept. of Food and Animal Biotechnology
  • Dept. of Biosystems & Biomaterials Science and Engineering
  • Dept. of Agricultural Economics and Rural Development
  • Dept. of Forest Sciences
  • Dept. of Applied Biology and Chemistry
  • Dept. of Landscape Architecture and Rural System Engineering

College of Business Administration

  • Dept. of Business Administration

College of Education

  • Dept. of Education
  • Dept. of Korean Language Education
  • Dept. of English Education
  • Dept. of German Language Education
  • Dept. of French Language Education
  • Dept. of Social Studies Education
  • Dept. of History Education
  • Dept. of Geography Education
  • Dept. of Ethics Education
  • Dept. of Mathematics Education
  • Dept. of Physics Education
  • Dept. of Chemistry Education
  • Dept. of Biology Education
  • Dept. of Earth Science Education

College of Engineering

  • Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering
  • Dept. of Mechanical Engineering
  • Dept. of Materials Science and Engineering
  • Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering
  • Dept. of Chemical and Biological Engineering
  • Dept. of Architecture and Architectural Engineering
  • Dept. of Industrial Engineering
  • Dept. of Energy Resources Engineering
  • Dept. of Nuclear Engineering
  • Dept. of Naval Architecture and Ocean Engineering
  • Dept. of Aerospace Engineering
  • Chemical Convergence for Energy and Environment
  • Multiscale Mechanical Design
  • Hybrid Materials

College of Fine Arts

  • Dept. of Oriental Painting
  • Dept. of Sculpture
  • Dept. of Painting
  • Dept. of Crafts and Design

College of Liberal Studies

  • Dept. of Liberal Studies

College of Human Ecology

  • Division of Consumer and Child Studies
  • Dept. of Textiles, Merchandising and Fashion Design
  • Dept. of Food and Nutrition

College of Medicine

  • Dept. of Preliminary Medicine
  • Dept. of Medicine
  • Dental Science
  • Veterinary Medicine

College of Music

  • Dept. of Vocal Music
  • Dept. of Instrumental Music
  • Dept. of Composition
  • Dept. of Korean Music

College of Nursing

  • Dept. of Nursing

College of Pharmacy

  • Dept. of Pharmacy
  • Dept. of Manufacturing Pharmacy

College of Veterinary Medicine

  • Dept. of Preliminary Veterinary Medicine
  • Dept. of Veterinary Medicine

SNU Application Deadline 2024:

The deadline to apply for Seoul National University for fall 2022-2023 admissions is from 3rd July 2023 to 7th July 20223 by 1700 PM local time.

Eligibility Criteria:

Applicants who wanted to apply to Seoul National Scholarship Program must meet the eligibility criteria to get scholarships.

  • The applicant and his Parents should not be citizens of Korea
  • English Proficiency certificate must submit while applying
  • Candidates who are applying for Ph.D., the applicant must have done Masters
  • Candidates who are applying for the master’s program, the applicant must have a bachelor’s degree

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Documents Required:

  • Letter of recommendations from two different references
  • Study Plan and your Personal Statement
  • Applicants who are applying for Ph.D. must have a transcript and certificate of master’s degree.
  • Applicants who are applying for Maters must have a transcript and certificate of Graduation degree.
  • Applicant’s Passport copy
  • Applicant’s official document of citizenship in his country
  • Parent’s passport copy
  • Parents official document of nationality is also needed
  • Relationship-building document required between parents and Applicant.

How to Apply:

To apply online in SNU Scholarship applicant must follow the required application procedure

Applicants need approval from the university’s professors that the institute will provide financial benefits

  • You do not need acceptance letter but just email that he/she is agree to support you financially such as stipend and tuition fee waiver. Just applicant keep in touch and update him while applying for SNU Korean Scholarship.
  • Fill the application only if the professor agrees to support you financially if he won’t agree it is better not to apply to it.
  • Keep that in mind the first impression is the last impression so make a good email so that the professor can approve your request. Always mention WHY are you applying how it will benefit the institute in that field, and also search profile the professor to whom you are applying to get positive response.

Apply online for SNU Scholarship Program

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  1. I hope my email will find you in good health.

    My name is Muhammad Fahad and I am an undergraduate student of BS.c Hons Poultry Sciences from MNS-University of Agriculture Multan, Pakistan. I am writing this email to request your kind acceptance as a potential supervisor for the Master’s degree program under the Chinese Government Scholarship for the year 2022.

    I am highly motivated and encouraged to work in your research group “” as I have studied the basic subjects of Poultry Nutrition during my undergraduate studies. Moreover, I am working as an internee . My CV is also attached to this email.

    Waiting for your Kind response.


  2. Je m’appelle MUHUMBA AMANI suis diplôme en science Informatique. Je viens auprès de votre haute institution de vous solliciter une place au sein de votre université pour continuer mes parcours universitaire. Je veux vous joindre une lettre du curriculum vitae au sein de votre Émail. J’espère une suite favorable


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