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Shanghai Government Scholarship for International Students 2024-2025

Shanghai Government Scholarship

Do you know you can study in the fastest growing country in the world? Yes, the country that is getting more advanced day by day, China is offering scholarships for international students. Shanghai, the most popular and advance province of China has opened the gates of scholarships for the highly performing international students of undergraduate, Master’s and PhD. The scholarships are of two types one is fully funded and the other is partially funded. The type A scholarships is for postgraduate, undergraduate and pre-college programs while the type B is for postgraduate and undergraduate programs. Students from across the globe can apply for these scholarships to study at universities in Shanghai. The scholarships benefits are so appealing and highly admirable, which makes it attractive place for international students. Other than scholarship students will be able to enjoy the activities that will make them understand society and culture in Shanghai and China. So what are you waiting for? Just go and read all instructions and apply for the scholarships.

The main objective of the scholarship is to bring all the brilliant students to study in Shanghai and make science and technology innovation center with world influence. The scholarship is provided by Shanghai Municipal People’s Government naming the scholarship Shanghai Government Scholarship for International Students” (hereinafter referred to SGS) since 2006. 34 universities in Shanghai Municipality are participating under this scholarship. The universities will keep evaluating and reporting the academic performances of students to attendance and conduct every year. The attitude, attendance and conduct of students will also be reported every year.  The students whose evaluation will not be up to the mark will not be able to receive scholarship following year.

Shanghai universities are the top universities of China. They are ranked very high on the world ranking. The world class facilities and high quality education is provided to students. Shanghai government is really supportive towards the people. Since 2006, the government is providing scholarships. Thousands of students have received the scholarships till today. The scholarships will make your educational journey flexible and beautiful. The resources provided are highly admirable.

SGS Details

Degree LevelUndergraduate, Master, PhD
CoverageFully funded / partially funded
EligibilityAll Countries
Shanghai Government Scholarship

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General Eligibility:

  • All international students
  • A non-Chinese citizen in good health
  • Excellent academic performance
  • Applicant is supposed to have achieved Chinese level of HSK4
  • Student must meet the language requirements of the selected university
  • Be eligible for the selected university
  •  A student getting any scholarship from Chinese government or organizations is not entitled to apply SGS.
  • Age and education background:
  • For Bachelor’s degree applicant should not be more than 25years old and must have high school degree
  • For Master’s degree, be no more than 35 years old and have bachelor degree
  • For PhD, be no more than 40 years old and have master’s degree
  • Applicant for the pre-college program should have a high school degree under the age of 23 years old, with a letter of pre-admission of undergraduate program from a Shanghai university.

You can study Masters on fully funded scholarship at Tsinghua University through Schwarzman Scholarship Program


There are two types of scholarships A and B type.

1) Type A (Full scholarship):

  • covers tuition
  • expenses for accommodation and living
  • medical insurance during the study period

2) Type B (Partial scholarship):

  • covers tuition
  • medical insurance during the study period

Jiangsu Government Scholarship is available for students from all over the world to study Bachelors, Masters and PhD program at Jiangsu University.

Scholarship benefits:

  • Accommodation will be provided to SGS students in their first year of study.
  • Activities like Experiencing China’ and ‘Studying in Shanghai’ for international students.

Following is the official table of scholarship benefits,

Program Type


Type A

Type B





Medical Insurance



Medical Insurance


Classification 1

Classification 2

Classification 3


Classification 1

Classification 2

Classification 3


Classification 1
Classification            2

Classification 3
Shanghai Government Scholarship Coverage

International Students of pre-college program can enjoy the scholarship as the standard of classification 1 for undergraduates.

List of Universities

No.UniversitiesOfficial Web Site
1Fudan Universityhttp://iso.fudan.edu.cn
2Shanghai Jiao Tong Universityhttp://isc.sjtu.edu.cn
3Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicinehttp://www.shsmu.edu.cn/iso
4Tongji Universityhttp://study.tongji.edu.cn
5East China Normal Universityhttp://lxs.ecnu.edu.cn/EN
6East China University of Science and Technologyhttp://ies.ecust.edu.cn/en
7Shanghai International Studies Universityhttp://www.oisa.shisu.edu.cn
8Donghua Universityhttp://english.dhu.edu.cn
9Shanghai University of Finance and Economicshttp://ices.sufe.edu.cn
10Shanghai Universityhttp://www.apply.shu.edu.cn
11University of Shanghai for Science and Technologyhttp://iso.usst.edu.cn
12Shanghai Maritime Universityhttp://en.shmtu.edu.cn
13Shanghai Conservatory of Musichttp://www.shcmusic.edu.cn
14Shanghai Theatre Academyhttp://www.sta.edu.cn
15Shanghai University of Sporthttp://cice.sus.edu.cn
16East China University of Political Science and Lawhttp://www.ecupl.edu.cn
17Shanghai Ocean Universityhttp://admissions.shou.edu.cn/en/en?c=index
18Shanghai University of Electric Powerhttp://fao.shiep.edu.cn/en
19Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicinehttp://iec.shutcm.edu.cn/en
20Shanghai Normal Universityhttp://iao.shnu.edu.cn
21Shanghai University of International Business and Economicshttp://www.suibe.edu.cn/sis
22Shanghai university of Engineering Sciencehttp://chinese.sues.edu.cn
23Shanghai Lixin University of Accounting and Financehttp://en.lixin.edu.cn/web/home.aspx
24Shanghai Polytechnic Universityhttp://lxs.sspu.edu.cn
25Shanghai Dianji Universityhttp://guojijl.sdju.edu.cn
26Shanghai Institute of Technologyhttp://inter.sit.edu.cn/s/56/t/263/p/1/c/2504/list.htm
27Shanghai Business Schoolhttp://www.sbs.edu.cn/en_01
28Shanghai University of Political Science and Lawhttp://int.shupl.edu.cn/english/main.psp
29Sanda Universityhttp://www.sandau.edu.cn/english/main.htm
30Shanghai Jian Qiao Universityhttp://www.iidc.gench.edu.cn
31Shanghai University of Medicine & Health Scienceshttp://www.sumhs.edu.cn
32NYU Shanghaihttps://shanghai.nyu.edu
33China Europe International Business Schoolhttp://en.ceibs.edu
34Shanghai Academy of Social Scienceshttp://yjs.sass.org.cn
List of Universities under Shanghai Government Scholarship

International students can also apply for Xian Jiaotong University Scholarship to study in china for free.

Programs offered under the scholarship:

  1. Classification 1 includes philosophy, economics, law, education, literature, history, management
  2. Classification 2 includes science, engineering and agriculture; Classification 3 includes medicine and art.


Application period for each university is different. Generally application duration is from February to May.

Dalian University of Technology CSC Scholarships is available for international students to study for free in technological fields

Required Documents:

  • Degree copy Attested for SGS Scholarship
  • Transcript copy Attested for SGS Application
  • Medical (Physical Exam Certification)
  • Passport Copy
  • Acceptance Letter (Optional)
  • English Proficiency Certificate
  • Study Proposal or research plan or motivation letter or letter of intent
  • Thesis Abstract for Ph.D. students

How to Apply:

  • Applicant can log onto http://study.edu.sh.gov.cn/en/ise.html (Study in Shanghai website)
  • To see all of the information on universities, courses, application periods and procedures. Students can apply for the scholarship on the website online.
  • The date and procedure of application may differ each year, please refer to the official websites of universities.
  • Universities will further guide the scholarship recipients with visa application, registration and other relevant procedures.
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