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University of Chicago Scholarships For International Students 2024-2025

Students who aspire to study in USA should read this article completely. You can apply now for University of Chicago Scholarships For International Students 2024. For many families funding for education is scarce so they look for scholarships to reduce their expenses because paying for college tuition fee in USA remains a difficulty. Here, many merit-based scholarships are available at The University of Chicago. American University is offering Emerging Global Leader Scholarship for international students.

Outstanding students are selected for university merit scholarships for four years undergraduate programs based on their educational achievements, school clubs accomplishments, leadership qualities, and dedication to their communities. There are many scholarships available for international students at University of Chicago each has specific requirement for application.

The University of Chicago is one of the most significant colleges of liberal arts and sciences in USA. Acknowledges the ability of imaginative educational practices to enhance creativity learning and improve civic life. The university is committed to expanding knowledge and to developing the habits of critical thinking, vigorous discussion, and unfettered discourse.

Overview of Scholarships:

OrganizationThe University of Chicago
Host CountryUnited States
Type of CoverageFull, Partial
EligibilityAll Countries
Eligible ProgramsUndergraduates
University of Chicago Scholarship

Also apply for Tulane University Scholarships for International Students

University of Chicago Merit-Based Scholarships

The following scholarship possibilities, many of which also include other support elements, are proudly provided by University of Chicago:

1) University Scholarship:

Outstanding students will get a university scholarship that will cover a portion of their tuition for four years.

2) First Phoenix Scholarship:

A scholarship worth $20,000 over four years will be given to each first-generation college student.

3) Police And Fire Scholarship:

The children of municipal, county, and state police and firefighters who died in the line of duty or while on duty are considered for up to full-tuition, four-year scholarships as a way to memorialize our country’s public safety officials.

4) Odyssey Scholarship Program:

The Odyssey Scholarship program offers enhanced school, economic, and vocational assistance to students who are from inadequately families or are the first members of their communities to attend college owing to the excellent goodwill of an anonymous donor “Homer” and additional favors from friends and former classmates of the University.

5) Neubauer Adelante Scholarship Program:

Students involved in Hispanic/Latino communities get improved financial support from these initiatives.

6) University of Chicago Promise:

Students from the Chicagoland area can access financial aid and other services through this program.

  • Chicago Public school Students: Outstanding Chicago Public School graduates will be given up to four year scholarships that cover the cost of tuition in full.
  • Chicago Public Schools Educators: Selected exceptional students of current Chicago full-time teachers and community college non-leadership personnel will receive as much as full-tuition, four-year scholarships in recognition of their dedication to the community and city.
  • Partner Schools: Outstanding students from our neighborhood will be given up to full-tuition, four-year scholarships at University of Chicago Charter School Woodlawn Campus, Nicholas Senn High School, Providence St. Mel School, and Kenwood Academy High School.
  • City Collages of Chicago: Deserving graduates of City Colleges of Chicago (CCC) will receive first-year tuition grants under the CCC Star Program.

7) Evans Scholarships:

Deserving club members get complete housing and tuition assistance from the Evans Scholars Program.

8) Stand Together:

The University of Chicago Stand Together initiative provides veterans and students from historically disadvantaged groups with improved financial assistance and faculty help.

9) Trot Scholar:

Brilliant full time students from small-town regions will receive the four-year Trott Scholarship.

10) Veterans:

The University of Chicago takes part in the Yellow Ribbon Initiative.

Also apply for Rochester Institute of Technology Scholarship which is offering 20,000$ grant per year.

Awards given to interns for meritorious performance include:

  • Argonne Laboratories, Fermi Laboratories, or the Marine Biological Laboratory offer $6000 for summer research after the first, second, and third years, $1500 in travel funds to present at academic conferences. Provost’s Scholar offer $37,500 over four years.
  • A special research project, an internship, or graduate-level coursework over the course of two summers before the second, third, or fourth year are all eligible for the President’s Scholar award of $5000.
  • By a special research study, an internship, or graduate-level coursework during the summer before a student’s second, third, or fourth year, the Dean’s Scholar program includes $5000.
  • After the first year of study in the social sciences, Meriam Scholars provide $5,000 for a summer research project.
  • After the first year of physical sciences, the Fermi Scholar awards $5,000 for a summer research project.
  • By the first year of study in the humanities, the Rudolf Carnap Scholar awards $5,000 for a summer research project.
  • After a year of study in the biological sciences, the Rowley Scholar offers $5000 for a summer research project.

External Scholarships:

Despite of where you plan to enroll in college, we also urge you to submit applications for scholarships from outside communities. An index of outside scholarships has been created by our Financial Aid Office.

RaiseMe, which gives students the chance to earn and accumulate micro-scholarships based on high school accomplishments, and The University of Chicago are both proud partners of this program. Partnerships with Turning the Tide, The College Board, Making Caring Common, Nudge for College, and the Coalition for Access, Affordability, and Success as well as new and expanding partnerships.

Undergraduates Scholarships are available at Ohio Wesleyan University for International Students

Documents Required

Following documents are required to apply,

  • Application for Admission
  • Supplement Essays
  • Application Fee or Automatic Fee Waiver
  • Secondary School Report and Transcript
  • Two Teacher Evaluations
  • Test-Optional
  • Educational Transcript (transfer students only)
  • English Language Proficiency Test Scores (international applicants only)
  • Midyear Report (first-year applicants only)
  • Application for Financial Aid
  • Recommended Video Profile
  • Supplemental Materials: Optional Art, Creative, Research, or Other Supplements


Last date to apply for undergraduate programs at University of Chicago for regular Admission 1 is 02 January 2023.

Early Action & Early Decision IEarly Decision IIRegular Decision
Submission DeadlineNovember 1January 02February 15
University of Chicago financial aid deadline

Deadline for graduate programs is different for each program.

How to Apply

You can apply at University of Chicago through Scoir or the Common Application. For that first you need  UChicago Account.

Scholarship Link

Apply Link

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