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Chalmers University Scholarships 2024 for International Students

Chalmers University of Technology Scholarships

The only institution in Sweden that focuses only on science, engineering, technology, and business is where your future self is waiting for you. Chalmers University of Technology Scholarships 2024-2025 are open now for international students. Some of these are managed by Chalmers, while others are by outside organizations. Students applying for master’s studies in the fall of 2024 will receive financial and mentorship assistance from Chalmers University of Technology. Applications for scholarships offered by Chalmers are available separately. Since you will need to identify yourself with that application number before applying for scholarship, you can apply once you have applied your program application at universityadmissions.se.

Fortunately, there are lots of excellent graduate student scholarships out there! So, you can get funding for college whether you’re a Ph.D. student or a master’s student (and also eliminate your student debt burden). Current Chalmers students are not eligible to apply; you must do so before the start of the first academic year. Under some circumstances, the scholarship offers are good for two years of study. Following is the list of scholarships that Chalmers University provides its students. Applications are also open for Malmo University Scholarships for international students.


UniversityChalmers University
Scholarship CoverageFully funded
Eligible CountriesAll
DegreeMasters, PhD
Deadline17th January 2024
Chalmers University Scholarships

1) The Avancez Scholarship

William Chalmers, who founded the university, lived by the motto “Avancez!” Chalmers will distribute several scholarships that are open to non-EU/EEA nationals who must pay tuition to attend a Swedish institution. Every year, the precise amount of scholarships are decided. The University President selects the field(s) of study for which the scholarships will be given each year.


  • 1st-year candidates for the Master’s program
  • Citizens of non-EU/EEA nations who must pay tuition fees to study at Swedish universities


  • The main benefit of this scholarship program is that tuition fee is reduced by 75% (4 semesters/2year program)
  • Students who perform well in their first year of study may be eligible for a larger reduction that pays for 85% of their second and final year’s tuition expenses.
  • The recipients of the scholarships do not receive any money.

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2) IPOET Scholarship

The scholarship of the International Program Office for Education and Training provides a wide range of opportunities for Masters’s students. About 45 IPOET scholarships will be available from Chalmers in 2024. The Swedish Council for Higher Education is providing the grant to aspiring fee-paying students. Chalmers is in charge of managing and giving out the scholarships.


  • 1st-year candidates for the Master’s program
  • Citizens of non-EU/EEA nations who must pay tuition fees to study at Swedish universities


  • Candidates with good grades and who prove themselves worth the scholarship program will receive a greater reduction that pays for 85% of their second and final year’s tuition expenses.
  • For 4 semesters/2 years, great relief is given by Chalmers IPOET Scholarship that your academic fee is reduced by 75%.
  • NO funds are transferred to the scholarship laureates.

Fully funded Central European University Scholarships in Hungary is available for international students.

3) The Sievert Larsson Scholarship

Thai students can apply for scholarships each year through the Sievert Larsson Scholarship Fund, which is part of Friends of Chalmers. With a Chalmers Master’s degree of the highest caliber, you will have the opportunity to sharpen your talents. It will be given to Thai nationals who have been accepted into Chalmers’ Engineering Master’s program. First and foremost, we want to help students from financially precarious homes who would not otherwise be able to attend school in Sweden.

Availability of two versions of the Scholarship

Through the scholarship application platform, you can apply for either of the two scholarship options. Please make sure to submit your scholarship applications in the order of your preference.

  1. During the two-year program, full tuition fee waiver (covers 100% of the tuition fees) (4 semesters).
  2.  Complete waiver of tuition fees (covers 100% of the tuition fees) and 230 000 SEK for living expenses during the two-year program (4 semesters).


  • People from Thailand
  • Students having a finished or almost completed Bachelor’s Degree (similar to a Swedish Kandidatexamen) from a prestigious Thai University* and a minimum grade of 3.0 (CGPA)
  • Determined by the standing of the home university, including its place on global ranking lists.


  • Any money granted may only be applied to the designated goal.
  •  For a two-year term, the version 2 scholarship’s portion of living expenses is paid in rounds every six months.
  • On receipt of admission documentation, the candidate can make their first payment.
  • For the duration of the program, the right of disposal is extended. It is not possible to challenge the Awards Board’s ruling.

Keio University Scholarship is available for international students who want to study in Japan.

4) Volvo Group Scholarship

Students with Chinese and Indian citizenship receive full tuition waivers. The grants come with opportunities for summer internships, a master’s thesis project, mentorship, and potential employment at Volvo Group.


The following Master’s programs have applicants who are eligible to apply:

  • Mobility Engineering
  • Computer Networks & Systems
  • Electromobility and Sustainable Electric Power Engineering
  • Engineering and Technology for Software
  • AI and data science
  • Systems for High-Performance Computers
  • Applications for one or more of the aforementioned programs in their first year of the master’s degree.
  • Citizens of the People’s Republic of China and/or the Republic of India must pay tuition for studies in Swedish universities.


  • Covers all tuition costs in full (4 semesters, 2 years).
  • Additionally, the Volvo Group wants to keep in touch with the students frequently throughout their two years of study.
  •  Support provided can take the form of a Master’s thesis project, mentorship, or even a job opportunity at VG (employment is subject to VG evaluation at graduation).

5) The Chalmers Mastercard Scholarship

Every two years, a Central or South American master’s program applicant receives the Chalmers MasterCard Scholarship (including Mexico). Please be aware that the scholarship portal will not allow you to select or submit an application for this scholarship. In the meanwhile, applications submitted through the portal by all qualified candidates will be taken into account.


  • First-year candidates for the Master’s program
  • Citizens of Central or South American nations who must pay tuition for university study in Sweden


  • Reduced tuition of 280 000 SEK for the duration of the Master’s program (4 semesters/2 years).
  • At Chalmers, engineering master’s programs cost SEK 70 000 per semester (SEK 280 000 total program fee for 4 semesters). Therefore, we advise potential Engineering Master’s applicants who are nationals of one of the aforementioned nations to apply for this grant.
  • Chalmers’ architecture master’s degree programs cost SEK 95,000 per semester (SEK 380 000 total program fee for 4 semesters). Therefore, as they are more financially advantageous, we advise aspiring Architecture Master’s applicants who are nationals of one of the aforementioned countries to apply for Avancez or IPOET instead.

Scholarship opportunities in New York USA at Rochester Institute of Technology

6) The US Friends of Chalmers Scholarship

The year 2024 will see the distribution of two scholarships to American nationals. These scholarships include a complete waiver of tuition costs. Friends of Chalmers in North America have donated money to sponsor the scholarships. All of the programs listed on the webpage for the master’s degree program, excluding Architecture and Urban Design, and Sustainable Development Design.


  • Applicants of 1st year Masters Program
  • US residents applying to the first year of the Master’s degree who must pay tuition to attend a Swedish university


  • This scholarship program covers 100% of the tuition fee.
  • Candidates can get benefit from the opportunity that the decision is made based on the applicants’ relative academic excellence, which is primarily determined by their weighted average grade, but also by the reputation of their home university and the priority of their application for a Chalmers Master’s program.

7) Aderlbert Study Scholarships

In 2024, five scholarships will be given to students who are nationals of one of 143 nations (link below). The Aderlbert Foundation provides funding for the scholarship, which includes a full waiver of all tuition costs.

8) Swedish Institute Scholarships for Global Professionals

applications are open to apply for Sweden Government Scholarship 2023 for international students. Swedish Institute Scholarships for Global Professionals(SISGP) is offering fully funded scholarships for master’s degree. International students from 41 countries are eligible to apply for these scholarships. The list for these countries is given below.

Scholarship benefits

  • Full Tuition Fee Waiver by Swedish institute
  • Monthly Stipend of SEK 10,000 to cover your living expenses throughout the scholarship.
  • Medical Insurance Against illness and accident.
  • Membership of the SI Network for Future Global Leaders(NFGL)
  • Membership to the SI Alumni Network.
  • Travel Grant(One Time) upto SEK 15000


  • 1st year Masters Program Applicants
  • Citizens of 143 countries mentioned on the official website of Chalmers University


  • Students have the benefit of achieving 100% relief in tuition fees through the program.
  • Academic excellence can be a better opportunity for students to showcase their potential toward scholarship programs.

Important Dates and Deadlines

  • Apply between 17 October 2023 and 16 January 2024.
  • From late November 2023 to mid-January 2024, submit a scholarship application.
  • The deadline for submitting the application fee is February 1, 2024. (if required)
  • The submission deadline for all supporting materials to complete your application is 1 February 2024.
  • November through January 1, 2024 – Chalmers Specific Entry Form
  • Publication of the official Notification of Selection Results is scheduled for March 30, 2024.
  • If there are open study spots in the program, late applications may be filed through March 31, 2024.
  • Scholarship Award Notifications: Mid-March to Early May 2024
  • The application period for Chalmers BSc students exclusively, is 1–15 April 2024
  • by mid-April 2024 (date not set) Mid-May 2024, Chalmers Pre-Departure Week (date not set) – The payment due date for the initial installment of the tuition
  • End of August 2024- Orientation Week
  • The opening day of the fall semester and the deadline for online enrollment is set for August 28, 2024.

How to Apply

All the information is available at the official link of Chalmers University,

When your online application for Master’s programs at universityadmissions.se has been finished, including having provided the necessary papers certifying your eligibility and having paid the application fee, your scholarship request will be considered. Only candidates who meet the requirements for the Master’s programs they have applied for will ultimately be considered for a scholarship.

We advise you to apply for scholarships as soon as you can because doing so will speed up the evaluation procedure significantly. However, there is no connection between the timing of your application submission and your chances of being awarded a scholarship.

Please be aware that to be considered for a scholarship, you must first apply online to at least one of Chalmers’ Master’s programs through the universityadmissions.se website (see sections 1-3 above). The universityadmissions.se website will provide you with an 8-digit application number, which you will need to complete the scholarship application.

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