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List of Top Fully funded Scholarships in Holland For International Students

Students who are desirous to achieve high ranks in education fields always dream to study in some developed countries for the higher studies. Holland is one of the developed countries that always promote skillful learning and education. The sole aim of Holland is to reduce the shortage of skillful workers in Holland through the various course of study. Holland is very a very suitable country for international students because it has cultural and racial diversity and is a friendly nation toward others.

Dutch higher education institutions always promote learning in the field of research and study. In this article, we will update you about the scholarships which Holland is intended to provide to international students. Dutch scholarships will be awarded to the citizens of non-EEA students.

These top scholarships are fully funded and almost all the expenses will cover by the relevant institutes. Scholarships are merit based so only top students will be considered. Some scholarships required separate application while for some you will be automatically considered for the scholarship, Following is the list of the Dutch scholarships:

1) Amsterdam Excellence scholarship AES:

The University of Amsterdam is awarding scholarships to international students. Ditch university is introducing scholarships for non-European citizens. AES is for the program of Master’s degree. AES is intended to award 25000 euros to the top candidates which cover the tuition fee and living expenses for the span of one year. These scholarships can be extended for two years depending upon the first-year performance in studies of the candidates.

2) University College Groningen Scholarship Program USP:

The USP scholarship is intended to support the students who are financially unstable and wanted to study abroad, USP will give financial assistance to the candidates. Also, USP will support the candidates in extracurricular activities like social engagements, sports, etc.

3) Hague Academy Talent Governance Program for Developing Countries:

Many students from developing countries are very motivated to study in developed countries on scholarships. Hague Academy Talent is giving this opportunity to the international students who have Talent of Governance and elect only those candidates who have the motivation to make a difference for their citizens.

Financial Aid:

Hague Academy Talents is covering whole program costs like tuition fees, travel costs, accommodation, and living expenses in Holland.

5) Amsterdam Merit Scholarships AMS :

The University of Amsterdam is awarding these scholarships to the bright and talented students. Students outside the EEA can apply for AMS scholarships and scholarships will be awarded annually.

Financial Aid:

UvA will award about 25000 euro scholarship which cover tuition expenses and living expenses for the one academic year.

6)RNTC Media and Journalism Scholarships:

RNTC Media and journalism scholarships are for Africans and Developing countries. These scholarships will provide training to media professionals from all over the world. These media professionals are from social activists and communications professionals from non-governmental organizations. These media courses will be provided to all the persons who are related to media fields like bloggers, journalists or media managers, etc.

Financial Aid:

These scholarships will cover full costs like tuition fee, VISA fee, accommodation, insurance, and the course fee.

7) Radboud University Master Scholarships for international students:

Radboud Scholarships are for the bright and talented students who are intended to get master’s degree program. These scholarships are too bright and highly talented students. The master’s program is to pursue English taught programs.

Financial Aid:

This scholarship will cover tuition fees, living expenditures, and medical insurance.

8) Holland Government Scholarships for International Students:

Netherland government scholarships are provided by the Ministry of Education as well as Dutch Research universities to the international students for the undergraduates and Masters program.
Holland Government is providing scholarships to 2,112 students per academic year. It is a fully-funded scholarship program.

9) TU Delft sub-Saharan AFRICA Summer School Scholarships:

Sub Saharan Africa scholarships are awarded by the Summer School Planning and Design with Water at the Faculty of Architecture and Built Environment of TU Delft, in the Netherlands.

Financial Aid:

The scholarship includes a plane ticket between your country of origin and Amsterdam and back. TU Delft will organize the ticket of the candidate and Dutch Visa. The tuition fee of 400 Euro will be covered and living expenses will be given to the candidates.

10)Rotterdam School of Management Undergraduate Scholarships for international students:

Erasmus University offers scholarships to non-EEA citizen who is not entitled to pay EEA tuition fee if their grades are considered excellent. These scholarships are for master’s and Bachelor’s program

Financial Aid:

Rotterdam will provide scholarships in form of a tuition fee waiver and awarded for the first-year IBA program. If the applicant is the top-ranked in the previous degree. 10500 euros tuition fee will be waived by the university.

11) Maastricht University Holland High Potential Scholarship:

Maastricht University Holland High Potential Scholarship is offered by the Maastricht University to the highly motivated and talented students for the master’s program. The High potential scholarship is combined with Holland Scholarships for the international students.

Financial Aid:

  • Maastricht scholarship will cover the following expenses of the candidate:
  • Visa Cost: 317 €
  • Living Expense: 12,350 € for 13 months or 23,750 € for 25 months
  • Insurance: 710 €
  • Tuition fee: 13000 €, 15000 € or 17500 € depending upon the study program of the candidate.

12) Utrecht Excellence scholarship:

Utrecht scholarships are offered by the Utrecht University Netherlands. These scholarships are for the master’s program in various fields of life.

Financial Aid:

Utrecht scholarships will cover the tuition fee and awarded 11000 euro living expenses.

13) Justus & Louise van Effen Excellence Scholarships at TU Delft University:

Justus & Louise van Effen Excellence Scholarships are awarded by the TU Delft university for international students. Justus & Louise van Effen Excellence Scholarships is having the sole aim to support the international students financially who wanted to study at TU Delft.

Financial Aid:

Full tuition fee waiver for the international students and members of the scholarship club will be accessible to the students which are used for personal growth, workshops, and seminars.

14) Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation BMGF scholarships at IHE Delft

IHE Delft Institute for Water Education (IHE DELFT) with partnership, Bill and Melinda Foundation is offering scholarships. Both partners have launched a new Master of science Program Sanitation. It is a new and internationally known program designed for the duration of 12 months. Top 15 will be selected for these scholarships and will be taught MSC sanitation program at IHE Delft institute.

Financial Award:

The scholarship will cover tuition fees, living expenses, medical insurance, visa cost, accommodation, research allowance, international travel all will be arranged by the IHE Delft.

15) Eric Bleumink Funds for Developing Countries at University of Groningen

The University of Groningen is awarding scholarships with the collaboration of Eric Bleumink Funds to international students. International students who belong to the3 developing countries wished to study in Holland for Masters’s program.

Financial Aid:

Applicants will be benefited from a tuition fee waiver, cost of international travel, medical insurance, books, or stationery allowance. Many students apply for these scholarships but only top-ranked students will be selected.

16) VU University Scholarships:

VU Fellowship Programmed offered by the VU University for bright and highly motivated students. These scholarships are for master students VU University is awarding approximately `1 million euros for these scholarships.

17) Maastricht University School of Business and Economics:

Maastricht University School of Business and Economics is awarding scholarships to talented and highly motivated students. International students from South Africa, Brazil or Mexico who want to study in three-year bachelor programs. One grant is awarded each year.

Financial Aid:

900 € one-off allowance, 520 € medical or health care insurance, 317 € Visa cost, 317 € tuition fee: 7500 €  and one-off travel cost,1000 € or at cost.

18) Orange Knowledge Programmed OKP Fellowships:

The Netherland Fellowship Program changed its name as Kennisontwikkelings Programma or The Orange Knowledge Programme OKP on 1 July 2017. KOP is intended to take part in the development, knowledge, capacity, and quality and make advancements in these fields.

Financial Aid:

OKP will award the stipend during your study program in the Netherlands. This stipend will contribute towards living costs, tuition fees, accommodation, visa, travel, insurance, etc.

19) ASC Leiden Visiting Fellowship Programme for Africans:

 ASC Leiden Visiting Fellowship program is for the Africans who will utilized their time in research, data analysis or writing jointly with staff and other ASCL faculty members of Leiden University.

Financial Aid:

  • Applicants will get stipend to cover living expenses
  • Accommodation in Leiden
  • Return economy class ticket
  • Medical insurance
  • Office Facilities
  • Library dues and facilities

20) Leiden University Excellent Scholarships

Leiden university excellence scholarships are for the master’s program and students who already getting Leiden scholarships will not be able to get these scholarships except those who apply for master’s programs which a specified previous master’s program or work experience is mandatory for these scholarships.

21) Rotary Foundation Scholarships:

These scholarships are for the progress in the field of water and sanitation and to promote the long-term productive relationships between the Rotarians and skillful persons in the water and sanitation profession.

22)Africa Scholarship Program

These scholarship programs will be held by the Wageningen University and Research center. The purpose of these scholarships is to give bright and highly motivated students the opportunity to study at the University of Wageningen. The 2-year master’s program is to support the Africans under developing countries students. Total 10 scholarships will be awarded to the top candidates.

Is Holland Good Country For International Students

The Netherlands, also known as Holland, is an excellent country for international students due to its high-quality education system, wide range of English-taught programs, and affordable tuition fees. The country offers a multicultural and inclusive environment, allowing students to engage with peers from diverse backgrounds. The Netherlands is known for its strong reputation in research and innovation across various fields. It provides numerous scholarships and funding opportunities for international students, making education more accessible. With its high standard of living, well-developed infrastructure, and English taught courses, Netherlands offers a favorable environment for students to thrive academically and enjoy the experience while studying.

Work Opportunities After Studies

Yes, international students in Holland have opportunities to work after completing their studies. The Dutch government provides favorable post-study work options for international graduates, allowing them to stay and work in the country, Such as;

  • Upon graduation, international students in Holland can apply for the Orientation Year for Highly Educated Persons visa (also known as the “zoekjaar” or “orientation year”).
  • During the orientation year, international graduates have unrestricted access to the Dutch labor market and can work in any job or sector without requiring a work permit.
  • After securing employment in a highly skilled position, international graduates can transition to the Knowledge Migrant Scheme. This scheme allows employers to hire skilled migrants from outside the European Union, including recent graduates, without needing to go through the usual work permit application process.
  • Working in the Netherlands after graduation can also open up pathways to long-term residency. International graduates may be eligible to apply for a residence permit for the purpose of employment or pursue other immigration routes leading to permanent residence and citizenship.
  • Holland has a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem, and international graduates interested in starting their own businesses can take advantage of various initiatives and support programs, such as the Dutch Startup Visa, to establish and grow their ventures.
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