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Trent University Scholarships For International Students 2023-2024

Trent University Scholarships

Trent University is intended to award scholarships under different Financial Aid programs for international students for the 2022-2023 cohort. These scholarship programs are funded and the institute is offering these scholarships to Bachelors/ undergraduates, Masters ( Masters/ Mphill), and Ph.D. programs. Different scholarship programs are running for different fields of study. Applicants can apply directly to these scholarship programs if they have a strong academic background.

Applications are invited for the Trent University scholarships. Males and females from all over the world can apply. These Canadian scholarships are available for Undergraduate/master’s and Ph.D. programs.  Applicants can apply in their field of interest as scholarships are available in almost all fields of life. University of Alberta Scholarships are open now for 2023 session.

The Trent University of Canada is one of the top-ranked universities of Canada. The vision of Trent University is to give personal, purposeful, and transformative knowledge which not only benefits the inter culture but also students from different countries get advantage from it. Trent University is one of the famous university which likely to construct leadership qualities in different aspects such as research, teaching, and student satisfaction. A top-class faculty, excellent alumni and amazing staff are the main ingredients in building one of the top-rank institutes.

  •  The University of Trent is ranked no 1 among undergraduate universities in Ontario
  • As an undergraduate University, it is ranked among the top 5 universities in Canada
  • Ranked no 3 in Canada
  • No 1 university in Canada for scholarships and Bursaries


Award CountryCanada
Award InstituteTrent University
Available ProgramsBachelors, Masters, PhD
Financial CoveragePartial and Full
Eligible NationalsInternational students
Trent University Scholarship Deails

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Financial and Non-financial advantages:

There are many advantages will be provided by the Trent UNIVERSITY SOME ARE FOLLOWING

  • Full and Partial tuition fee
  • Medical Insurance
  • Six-month work permit while studies
  • Financial support between 1000$ to 3000$
  • Travel Coverage
  • Accommodation

Undergraduate Programs

Following undergraduate degree programs are offered at Trent University,

  • Accelerated Masters
  • Ancient Greek & Roman Studies (Co-op)
  • Anthropology
  • Archaeology
  • Arts & Science (Co-op)
  • Arts (Honours)
  • Bachelor of Arts & Science/Medical Sciences: Trent/Swansea Dual
  • Bachelor of Education (B.Ed)
  • Biochemistry & Molecular Biology
  • Biology
  • Biomedical Science
  • Business Administration (Co-op)
  • Business and Arts
  • Business and Science
  • Canadian Studies (Co-op)
  • Chemical Engineering: Trent/Swansea Dual
  • Chemical Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Child & Youth Studies
  • Climate Change Science & Policy
  • Communications
  • Computer Science & Physics
  • Computer Science (Co-op)
  • Computing Systems
  • Conservation Biology (Co-op)
  • Criminology
  • Cultural Studies (Co-op)
  • Data Science (B.Sc.)*
  • Ecological Restoration
  • Economics (Co-op)
  • English Literature (Co-op)
  • Environmental & Resource Science / Studies
  • Environmental Chemistry
  • Environmental Geoscience
  • Environmental Science / Studies
  • Financial Science (Co-op)
  • Forensic Biology
  • Forensic Chemistry
  • Forensic Science
  • Forensics and Arts, Forensics and Science
  • French & Francophone Studies (Co-op)
  • Gender & Social Justice (Co-op)
  • Geography
  • Health & Behaviour (B.Sc.)
  • History (Co-op)
  • Indigenous Bachelor of Education
  • Indigenous Environmental Studies/Science (Co-op)
  • Indigenous Studies (Co-op)
  • Information Systems
  • International Development Studies (Co-op)
  • International Political Economy
  • Joint Majors
  • Journalism and Creative Writing
  • Kinesiology
  • Law & Arts / Law & Business: Trent/Swansea Dual (LL.B. & B.A./B.B.A.)
  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  • Mathematical Economics
  • Mathematical Physics
  • Mathematics
  • Media Studies (Co-op)
  • Medical Professional Stream
  • Nursing
  • Philosophy (Co-op)
  • Physics
  • Policing & Community Well-Being
  • Political Studies (Co-op)
  • Psychology
  • Science (Honours)
  • Social Work
  • Sociology (Co-op)
  • Sustainable Agriculture & Food Systems
  • Teacher Education Stream
  • Water Sciences
  • Ancient Greek & Roman Studies (Co-op)
  • Arts & Science (Co-op)
  • Business Administration (Co-op)
  • Canadian Studies (Co-op)
  • Computer Science (Co-op)
  • Conservation Biology (Co-op)
  • Cultural Studies (Co-op)
  • Economics (Co-op)
  • English Literature (Co-op)
  • Financial Science (Co-op)
  • French & Francophone Studies (Co-op)
  • Gender & Social Justice (Co-op)
  • History (Co-op)
  • Indigenous Environmental Studies/Science (Co-op)
  • Indigenous Studies (Co-op)
  • International Development Studies (Co-op)
  • Media Studies (Co-op)
  • Philosophy (Co-op)
  • Political Studies (Co-op)
  • Sociology (Co-op)

Interested in studying Abroad? then must check for following scholarships,

Rhodes Scholarship at Oxford University for International Students

Orange Knowledge Programme Scholarships by Dutch Government

Italy Government Scholarships For International Students 

MEXT Scholarship 2022-2023 for Undergraduates Masters & PhD

4000+ Fulbright Scholarship in USA

Graduate Programs

Following course based and thesis based Masters programs are offered at Trent University,

Course Based

  • Master of arts in canadian studies and indigenous studies m.A.
  • Master of arts in cultural studies m.A.
  • Master of arts in english (public texts) m.A.
  • Master of arts in history m.A.
  • Master of arts in sustainability studies m.A.
  • Master of bioenvironmental monitoring & assessment m.Bema
  • Master of education in educational studies m.Ed.
  • Master of instrumental chemical analysis m.Ica
  • Master of management m.Mgt
  • Master of management m.Mgt – strategic change management
  • Master of science in big data analytics: applied modelling and quantitative methods m.Sc.
  • Master of science in big data financial analytics: applied modelling and quantitative methods m.Sc.
  • Master of science in forensic science m.Sc.F.S.

Thesis Based

  • Master of arts in anthropology M.A.
  • Master of arts in applied modelling and quantitative methods M.A.
  • Master of arts in canadian studies and indigenous studies M.A.
  • Master of arts in cultural studies M.A.
  • Master of arts in english (public texts) M.A.
  • Master of arts in history M.A.
  • Master of arts in sustainability studies M.A.
  • Master of education in educational studies M.A.
  • Master of science in applied modelling and quantitative methods M.Sc.
  • Master of science in bioenvironmental monitoring & assessment M.Sc. Bema
  • Master of science in environmental & life sciences M.Sc.
  • Master of science in materials science M.Sc.
  • Master of science in psychology M.Sc.
  • Trent-ontario tech master of science in nursing (MSCN)

PhD Programs

  • Canadian studies PH.D
  • Cultural studies PH.D
  • Environmental & life sciences PH.D
  • Indigenous studies PH.D
  • Interdisciplinary social research PH.D
  • Materials science PH.D
  • Psychology PH.D
  • Trent/queen’s program (PH.D)

List of Scholarships:

  • Entrance Base Scholarships
  • External Scholarships
  • Application Base Scholarships

Entrance Scholarships:

  • Applicants who wanted to apply for the entrance at the University of Trent do not need to apply separately, applicants who apply for entrance are considered for Entrance scholarships and will award Academic Excellence Scholarships. The University of Trent will award $1000 to $3000 financial support to the successful students.
  • These scholarships are nonrenewable and will be available only for the two terms of the studies. For applicants who are in dire need of a scholarship after two terms then Entrance scholarships can also be merged with Trent International Global Citizen Awards.

IB Entrance Scholarships:

Another automatically considered scholarship while entering at University fo Trent. Applicants who are applying for admission on the Basis of an IB diploma will consider they are applying for Entrance Scholarships. These scholarships are for only one term and the financial support of $1000 will be provided this scholarship will be merged with Trent Entrance and International Global Citizen Awards.

Scholarships in Canadian University by McCall MacBain Scholarship Program for International Students

External Scholarship Opportunities at Trent University of Canada:

Western Union Scholarships:

23 western Union agents team up with the Western Union Foundation for the distribution of scholarships all around the world.WU scholarship program will award $2500 scholarships to the students who wanted to study in different fields like science, IT, Engineering, Mathematics and Business/ entrepreneurship.

CAEL Scholarships:

CAEL or CE is one of the top English proficiency tests in Canada. This test is used to study in Canada and is accepted in all Canadian institutes which are in English Major. CAEL is also offering scholarships to the international students. CAEL is offering two scholarships each scholarship award is of $5000 for the students who wanted to study in Canada

Also check for Montreal University Scholarships 2023 in Canada

Application Base Scholarships:

Trent International Program Levy Scholarships:

  • International Program by Trent University is offering scholarships to national and international students. Students with high academic results and excellent achievements while studying which enhance leadership qualities and community services will be awarded Levy scholarships.
  • Levy scholarships will cover tuition fees and other miscellaneous expenses of about $24000 per annum will cover.

Global Citizen Scholarships:

Trent University will provide Global Citizen scholarships and awards to international students who have an excellent academic background. For applicants with extraordinary leadership performance, and communication skills, Society Corporation will be awarded these scholarships.
These scholarships are partially funded and cover tuition fees and other Misc expenses of about 2000$ to 24,000$.

Maple Leaf Leadership Award:

  • Maple Leaf Education System awarded and it is scholarships to international students. These awards will only provide to the 5 students with the financial coverage of about 2000$. Housing allowances which include mess and accommodations will also be provided from 9000$ to 13000$ per annum
  • Stationary allowance of 2500$ to 3000$  will also be provided to the successful students for the scholarships

Justin Chiu International Scholarships:

  • Justin Chiu International Scholarships are partially funded scholarships that cover tuition fees $3000 to $15000 per annum.
  • Trent United World Colleges scholarships will be awarded to the national and international students. These scholarships will be awarded from the annual Levy funds of the UWC. Applicants with an excellent academic background are eligible for these scholarships.

Jack Mathews International scholarships:

These scholarships will be provided ti thise applicants who are in sever need of finances for their studies and cover $24000 tuition fee and other Misc expenses. Housing funds are not including in this scholarship.

UWC Scholarships:

It will cover tuition fees and other expenses within 24000$ per annum.

Application Requirements:

Applicants from all over the world are eligible for these scholarships
Applicants can check relevant scholarship programs for the eligibility program

Required Documents

You must provide following documents with attestation,

  • Final High School transcript and graduation diploma if completed in the last 5 years.
  • Post-secondary in-progress transcript with grades for the most recently completed term.
  • If you completed your studies, official final post-secondary transcript.
  • Submit your documents via MyTrent. Alternatively, your institution can email your transcript to or release it electronically.
  • Submit your English language proficiency test results via MyTrent if you wish to provide evidence of your English language proficiency.
  • Should you receive an admission offer and decide to enroll at Trent University, a final official post-secondary transcript must be provided as soon as it becomes available. This document will be required for transfer credit assessment.


The last date to apply for the Trent University scholarships is different 3 semesters.

Fall Semester (September)15 June
Winter Semester (January)15 October
Summer Semester (May)1st February
Trent University Application Deadlines

How to Apply:

  • Applicants are advised first to take admission at the University of Trent Canada it will consider they have applied for the scholarships automatically.
  • Applicants can apply separately for the application based scholarships

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