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Guidelines for Undergraduates Students and Final Year students

Guidelines for Undergraduates Students and Final Year students are the following 10 most important guidelines for undergraduate students and those who are about to start their undergraduate degrees:

1. Academic systems anywhere in the world don’t have a very high correlation with jobs. The work you’re going to do years from now would probably require much more than a degree – Learn which skills are needed for your kind of personality and for your preferred areas of work and start learning about them right from your 1st semester.

2. A good institute definitely adds worth to your education. It is you who make good use of the resources it provides to students.

3. There is no tradeoff for putting in the time. Commit yourself to smart work. Don’t overcompensate for your past. Try to make the best use of the opportunities at hand using the easiest methods while keeping a balanced approach to life.

4. Divide your long term goals into chunks and schedule your tasks for each semester or 3 months.

5. Keep your options a little flexible. Don’t run from something because you think you’ll never need it. Try to consolidate basics even if you don’t prefer that part of your field to be your profession.

6. Be flexible in your employment seeking approach. Do not think there are enough rotating chair jobs for all. Be smart and carve your own ways of earning. Start investing small in good ventures and you will learn the art of risk-taking and becoming self-sufficient at an early age.

7. Do not study just for a good salary. Many degrees of value may not even lead to a great job. Seek meaning in your education and work and try to earn in smart ways. Don’t depend on your singular income forever. What was the best today may get expired tomorrow? Keep sharpening your skills and stay on top of your craft.

8. It is OK not to be a great student. But learn! Learning is not merely a Ph.D. Learn something according to your innate potential and become a trendsetter. Add value to the lives of people in unique ways.

9. Time is the most valuable resource. Once wasted it is extremely hard to impossible sometimes to compensate it. Everyone learns the lesson sooner or later. Pharaoh learned it too. Try to learn on time. This is what successful people do which others don’t and hence they stay on top.

10. Improvise. Learn from many sources that are free, many learned professionals of your field are available if you seek their help and also create new opportunities for yourself. Do what others have never done or what others never had the courage to pursue in their lives. Don’t think that a degree in hand is the end of the world. Be contented with what you have and strive for stars. Alongside never forget your family, friends, loved ones and especially yourself and God.

Guidelines for final year students

Dear all students in the final year, please try to prepare the following things and start applying.

  • Prepare CV, SOP, and Email to the professor in a well attractive way.
  • Try to increase your GPA as you can.
  • Give a try to learn technical skills like softwares of your related fields.
  • Start preparing for IELTS and GRE and try to attempt before graduation.
  • Convert your final year project into a conference or research paper by taking guidelines from your project supervisor.
  • Prepare an English proficiency certificate to apply for China and some other universities as well.
  • Also, prepare Hope certificate from your respected departments.
  • Be serious and keep focusing on higher education.

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Guidelines for Undergraduates Students and Final Year students
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