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How to get Study Abroad Acceptance Letter from a Professor

Are you looking to study abroad? And trying to get acceptance letter from professor or university? If you are looking for the answer of these questions then this article is for you. So You are doing everything possible to get accepted at University but still not successful then there might be some deficiencies that should be clear before going to any opportunity regarding admission/scholarship abroad and How to get an Acceptance Letter from a Professor.

Each professor might have different requirements from students they are looking for so make sure to contact professor before application and discuss about what they are looking for, Your area of study/research should align with professor’s department and research. S, be attentive if you want to apply for abroad scholarships/ admissions then you should prepare the documents (as following):

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Required Documents

Following are the documents you will most likely need to apply at any foreign university. Each institute might have slight different requirements and most are the same. Following are the list of documents given,

1. Attest metric + intermediate from relevant board and IBCC.

2. Attest all degrees + transcripts from HEC.

3. Attest all documents (metric+ intermediate + degrees + transcripts) from MOFA (Ministry of Foreign Affairs).

NOTE: Scan all documents and convert them into PDF format.

4. Make a good and effective CV, I saw many students have good experience and grades but they can’t express them via a good CV. You can get different formats from the internet for CV creation.

5. Get at least 2 or 3 reference letters from your very last institutes (professors or associate professors). Also, request them to refer you if any institute asks them via email or online.

6. Go for IELTS with a good preparation (get a minimum of 6.0, 6.5 or above is good, you guys can check some useful tips about IELTS in other posts and files of this group).

6A) Keep in mind that every country and university requires IELTS just only China and Taiwan don’t ask, so for these two countries get English Proficiency Certificate from your last attended institute.

NOTE: The USA requires TOEFL + GRE. Only a few universities in the USA accept IELTS.

7. If you are planning for the USA, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia (KFUPM only), Canada (some universities), UAE then must to go for GRE and get remarkable scores.

8. Statement of Purpose (SOP)/ personal statement are also required, so prepare it according to your subject as well and mention your abilities in it. A good format for help and guideline can be found from group files and Google.

Note: China and Taiwan need Study Plan and format is available in group files.

9. The research proposal is mandatory for research-based degrees, so make a good and strong research proposal. It’s must mostly for Ph.D. and sometimes for Masters as well. Format and guidelines are available in group files.

10. Clear your vision that in which field you want to go for, then study the latest research about that field. By doing this you’ll be clear that what has been done in this field and what can be done.

11. Contact different supervisors from different universities and countries and ask them if they have an opportunity for you.

12. There are some fixed scholarships from different countries which get announcement every year, so try to find facts about those like when announced, deadline, requirements, the application process, and application fee, etc.

13. Ask from different people who have got scholarships that what to do to get scholarships; you’ll get a guideline and help for the application.

14. Most of all I saw that many guys want to go abroad and hunting for scholarship but they don’t have a passport. So guys get your passports at first attempt if you don’t have.

Note: if you guys want to add something then do it in comments.

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How to get Acceptance Letters from Professors:

Guys, keep these things in mind when you are contacting professors for acceptance letters/ scholarships/ funds etc.

First of all, keep in mind you should ask for an “Acceptance Letter” (in case of the university to government scholarship), it’s not a supporting letter but acceptance letter, I saw some candidates ask about supporting letters.

Second thing, look carefully professor profile and mention professor name not only Sir or Madam in email,

Third, mention your institutes with degrees and grades/ CGPA as well, meaning don’t only write as BS, MS, etc. but also mention from which institute BS was done and from where MS etc. and how much got CGPA and position in class (if any).

Fourth, do not say that I want to get admission/ scholarship in any university but say about that specific university where the professor is working and also say that I want to do work under your kind supervision or something like that.

Fifth, many students contact professors without reading their profiles and research work, it’s bad impact is to say I can work with a supervisor in any field, because every professor has a different area and one can’t deal with all.

Sixth, don’t say anything bad about your country/ institute, etc. like my country doesn’t have enough facilities and my institute have not good labs, etc.


So keep in mind all the points mentioned above and apply with complete list of documents required. Be professional and email professor with to the point information. Getting Study Abroad Acceptance Letter is not piece of cake and applying to as much universities as possible will increase your chances of getting Letter of Acceptance/Admission.

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