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Higher Education in USA or Canada or Europe Scholarships – Guidelines

I have read a tremendous amount of questions about studying abroad Higher Education in USA or other countries in Europe and some people approached me for some guidance so this post, I hope clears your questions and confusion.


Scholarships are hard to find being very honest. The scholarships that are full-ride are highly competitive and there are hundreds and thousands competing for few seats and thus it puts students in a spot where they doubt their intellect and hard work. But let me tell you, people like us on this page and many more stories out there are studying in America or other countries in Europe on full-ride scholarships so it isn’t a hypothetical idea but a truth but the seek of that is a lot of hard work.

Scholarships are tied to your GPA, research, awards, honors, work experience, and much much more. Therefore, don’t assume if you lack in one part that you shouldn’t apply. There are tons of scholarships just to find the appropriate university and see if they offer full rides. There is no one scholarship that I can post the link of but hundreds, therefore, you have to do your research as on this page people are from different departments, therefore, consider applying to those departments and check out their scholarships.

Many universities offer full rides in America but again the prestige is so high that we have thousands of students applying. Therefore, if you don’t get a scholarship or fail to get one don’t be disappointed. Keep trying and never give up. And my friend both applied to US full-ride scholarships I got the seat she didn’t. This didn’t mean life ended for her, she is studying in the US on full scholarship, took some time but it happened. So those who give up on the first trial, please keep trying and approaching you never know how close you are.

International Education:

US has always remained the top destination for students but that doesn’t mean European countries don’t have their prestige. Yes, we have this stigma that those who study higher education in USA are the next Steve Jobs but guys, study wherever you get the scholarship, international education gives you skills and makes your acceptance better so don’t give up on other countries if you didn’t get an admit in the US. I personally applied to Canada and the UK as well. I had all my admits but I chose the US for research and scholarship, it didn’t mean that other countries lacked something. So those with the mindset of such, who think if not the US than none or are disappointed that they didn’t get admits from their choice university to not give up ever. Try going for a semester exchange because the skills you learn abroad are phenomenal.

Language Exams:

If you are going to study in Canada, America or Australia, or countries in Europe, you have to take a language exam. IELTS or TOEFL either one is fine. But check your university before you take the exam, In the US, it’s either or IELTS and TOEFL. But make sure you check which university suits you and check their need. In undergrad, many universities offer courses in their language like Germany and Brazil. I have friends in Spain, Germany, and Brazil and they have mentioned to me a lot of their undergrad programs are in their native language but for graduate study that isn’t a problem. GRE on the other side is an exam for graduate school, it doesn’t have anything to do with IELTS, so keep two exams separate. GRE is for grad schools to get scholarships and IELTS has nothing to do with scholarships in the US.

Estimated Costs:

So here is the rough estimate that I have from my living in America as a student and what is your expectation can be found from this rough and general estimation. Again your estimation may be different, it’s just a general idea.
Tuition is 36,000$ per year which makes 56 lacs a year more or less with no scholarships.
Room and board are 10,000$ which is 16 lacs a year.
Books and supplies+ insurance= 3000$ about 5 lacs.
Personal expense per month: 500$ 70,000
So you are maybe looking at 76 lac a year with no scholarships.

These numbers may be different for different universities but most low for a university could be 50 lac a year. Which in my opinion, not possible for any family to give each year to. Therefore, work for scholarships and work towards getting accepted on financial aid.

NOTE to Students in US:

International students are not allowed to work off-campus. So you can’t work illegally or you will be deported. You can only work on-campus limited to 20 hours a week. Therefore, don’t come thinking you will find a job illegally, you won’t and you may get in trouble with the law. US laws are strict about students working off-campus, so make sure you know this.

Success is not a Cab Service:

Guys, search for scholarships. The scholarship is the way to study abroad. Just like some will be disappointed with huge figures, I was too. When people said, nahi hoga! “America main tou parhna khwab hai, nahi hoga, mushkil hai, time waste kar rahi ho, admission ho gaya scholarships nahi milain gi”. To those people, guys stop criticizing. It’s not your problem so if you can’t support don’t spread negativity. I am one of few students who even did their high school in America and I graduated from an American high school and college. And now I am in university. Normally people don’t do their schooling in America but I did. So, therefore, what’s my point on this, success is hard-earned, you can’t expect easy shortcut. You can dream but if you don’t work for it, you are wasting time. It isn’t an Uber or careem that will take you to your dream place or profession or dream countries. It isn’t a picnic or park where I can get you a cab. It isn’t a chemical reaction that I can tell you to follow my formula and guarantee you success, you have to make your own road, your own path, your own map, your own destiny. We can guide you but we can’t do it for you.

Your biggest friend is your motivation, don’t lose that. You will need it a lot! Get good scores, take standardized exams seriously. Never give up on your dreams and inspire those who have given up to follow them. Study abroad in any country but don’t forget, you must do your part. Don’t think others will just do research for you. I have been studying in the US for 5 years and believe me, I do my research and then get advice. Advice without research isn’t gonna help. We all do our own research and we all must do! Please don’t expect elevators to climb, there is no elevator. If you have questions, drop them down! Or ask other members. No question is ever crazy to ask so ask but do your research so we can guide you better. If there is a topic you want me to write and guide in detail, put down your suggestions and I will write other detailed posts.

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