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Turkiye Burslari Interview Questions | Test | Exam Preparation

It is mandatory to be well prepared about the interview to maximize your chances of winning the scholarship and be a part of the world’s best universities.

Winning the scholarship of TURKIYE BURSLARI is not a piece of cake. In fact, you need to work very hard on that. If you are deserving (which will definitely be cleared from your application and interview ) you’ll get a scholarship for sure.

Without explaining anything else let’s move towards the scholarship interview ! Here I’ll share the experience of students who won the scholarships in the past years.

Firstly, it is to be cleared that YTB cannot, of-coarse, visit each country for judging the individuals, they can also have Skype interviews for any reason. It is, therefore, recommendable to get prepared a Skype / Wechat account since there’s none the other alternative. It is also to be noted that the interview date once allotted can never be changed, it’s really hard to find what genuine reason they count although it is nearly impossible to change the date, once allotted.

Firstly, the fore-most & primitive thing, the most worth-full is to be on time. The more you be on time the more you can relieve and relax to control your nerves and being punctual paves the way to your success by providing a positive picture of your personality.

Second is the game of your confidence. The more confident you are, the more likely to get the scholarship. They’ll ask you to introduce yourself. While answering the question you need to put a smile on your face to bring them in your confidence or vice versa. This would multiply your chances of selection but make sure not to laugh aggressively.

The interviewers would certainly relax you so don’t be panic. Moreover, it is advisable, not to take a seat without their permission/order. Try to control your nerves if in case you feel that it is leaking. They are very kind to you. You need not worry about them.

Prepare your self-introduction well at home. You may memorize it if you think you’ll be unable to pick points at that time since 80% of your interview is judged in the first five minutes. Self-introduction means the introduction of your-self and not of your family which may last for at least a minute. Anyways, there’s nothing to be worried about at.

The dressing is also of much importance in an interview and hence similar is the case here. It is of no doubt, “The first impression is the last impression “. Don’t be sooted booted. Don’t be much formal. Don’t use any ordinary thing in your dressing. Avoid skin-tight jeans. You may use a well-pressed three-piece but not that we wear on occasions. You might be complimented on your dressing if maintained well.

One of the frequently asked questions is ” Why do you want to pursue your degree from Turkey”? Here comes your interest. This is also one of the most important questions they ask.

One more thing, the interviewers are much smart and clever. They’ll judge your application from your interview to acknowledge them with the fact whether you yourself filled the form or not. So it is advisable to go through your Application Summary once or twice to get ready for any sort of questions.

They can also ask what if you are rejected from this scholarship? What’ll you do then?

They’ll ask you for your passport so get it ready as soon as possible if it’s not yet. Moreover, bring your original documents along with you.

They’ll ask you the reason for choosing that particular course for your coming years. Support your answer with logical and healthy reasons especially those mentioned in your letter of intent.

At last, they’ll answer you if you have made any mistake in your application. If so, correct it at once. Otherwise, you yourself will solely be responsible for the outcomes.

Turkiye Burslari Interview Questions | Test  Preparation
Turkiye Burslari Interview Questions | Test and Exam Preparation

Evaluation and Selection Process

Türkiye Scholarships applications are assessed on the basis of academic success, extra-curricular activities, and other professional credentials of the candidate. In the evaluation process of the applications, candidates will be evaluated based on their eligibility for the application criteria of the program applied for as well as their academic and social achievements.


All applications are reviewed based on basic criteria such as minimum academic grades, age limit, required documents etc.


Applications of eligible candidates are carefully reviewed by Expert committees based on a broad set of criteria including academic standing, previous qualifications, academic interests, career goals, consistency of choices, clarity of letter of intent, participation in social activities …etc. After which a list of qualified candidates is shortlisted for interviews.


The shortlisted candidates are interviewed in more than 100 countries by interview committees including academicians and experts.

Interviews usually last 15-30 minutes and are conducted in the following format:
a. Welcome and introduction b. Document check c. Candidate’s motivation for applying d. Academic knowledge and career goals e. Ending and questions to the committee

Please note that the interview is not indicative of whether the candidate will be selected or not.

Note: Candidates who are selected for interviews must bring all transcripts, documents and certificates of each year they have studied if they have not graduated yet.


Interview results of candidates nominated by the interview committees are evaluated by a selection committee and a list of candidates to be awarded a scholarship are formed. This final evaluation stage will assess the overall eligibility and suitability of the candidate for the Türkiye Scholarships.

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